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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)

Now as much as I despise 99% of remakes, this actually falls into the remaining 1% that is worth watching. As much as I adore the first one, I have seen it more times than I can count, this one is worth checking out more than once. It may not be as big of a classic as the first one, but hey, there is Jackie Chan so you can't pass that up (unless it is Rush Hour 3).
This film starts of with Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother Sherry Parker (Taraji P. Henson) who are leaving Detroit to live in China. I believe his mother works for some car company and she got promoted. So as you can imagine, Dre is not to thrilled with moving leaving his friends and all and learning a new language.
So when they arrive in China, Dre makes two friends instantly and even more enemies. Yes, that means one of the new friends was a girl, Meiying. Her family is close to the bully's family, can't remember the name. Nonetheless, this starts an even bigger issue for Dre. So along with being in a foreign land he is constantly getting beat up and harassed by this group of kids.
So one day when the hot water was not working in Dre's apartment, his mom asks him to find the maintenance man to come and fix it. The maintenance man is Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). He is first introduced eating noodles with chopsticks, crushing a bug with a fly swatter and picking it up with the same chopsticks he was eating with and continues to eat with afterward....gross! It is about here that Mr. Han starts checking on the boy and sees the trouble his is in. One day after I believe while hanging out with Meiying , Dre is once again chased by the boys after Dre gets some revenge. While Dre gets punched and kicked a little bit, Mr. Han comes to the rescue and doesn't beat up the boys necessarily, but more does these great moves that have them beat up each other. It will really fun to see that.
After Dre is healed by Mr. Han they go to the karate school where the boys train. It is here where you find out where their aggression comes from. The boys' teacher is more of a dictator that teaches them violence and to show your enemy no mercy. This guy was a great villain really, I would have liked it if they gave him a little more. Anyway, Mr. Han makes a deal with him, if his group of boys don't bother Dre and try to fight him, he will train Dre so he can enter a Karate Tournament. If the bad kids win, Dre or Mr. Han have to fight them and if Dre and Mr. Han win, they leave them alone (I believe).
So the training seems to start off slow and daunting for Dre. Mr. Han does nothing but tell Dre to pick up his jacket of the floor, hang it, drop it and put it back on, over and over again. It was something his mom wanted him to do from the beginning. So he thought Mr. Han was teaching him to respect his mom and all, but there was more to it than he though. They go through a lot of training and they visit this sacred place where Dre becomes really inspired. Dre and Meiying are getting close, but things turn out bad for them due to her parents.
After not being allowed to see Meiying and learning Mr. Han's story (really sad, there were definitely tears in the audience). Their connection and concentration grows for this tournament. They are all ready for the tournament and the fights start. Problem is while on the tournament the group of boys and their dictator of a teacher try to play dirty up until the end.
I really enjoyed this movie, especially the ending. The final kick in the movie was so awesome I wanted to stand up and cheer. It was well acted with great characters. It is obvious Jaden Smith has the same fun and entertaining charm as his dad, Will Smith. This movie is worth your money.
Tell me what you guys thought of it or if you even want to see it.

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