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Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood: Season 3 FINALLY!

     YES!!!! After a year of waiting,  my show comes back for season 3. As you can tell, I am insanely happy. 
      Now if you are like me and you have read all the books, prepare to be surprised again. I know who kidnaps Bill in the book, but it is going to be different on the show tonight apparently. A lot of people complain about Alan Ball doing this, buy I for one like that he does. It is nice keeping fans of the book like myself surprised. Ball I applaud you. 
     We also learn what Sookie is atvthe end of this season as well. Again, I know what she is and if you read the book, you actually don't find out until book 6. But book 3 was a favorite for me. I like that Franklin Mott is coming to play. He was a very interesting villain. He is played by James Frain who is no stranger to playing the bad guy. He is very good at it. 
     Also happy to see one of my favorite characters come into play, Alcide. When I heard about Joe Manganiello playing Alcide Herveaux, I wasn't too sure about him. But after seeing the clips, he is exactly how I imagined Alcide, well minus the green eyes. Why no green eyes? I want those green eyes. Wait a minute, that sounded a little stalkerish.  
     Now as much as I would stay here going over every character (believe me I would). But I have a whole season to do so. All I want to say is how happy I am to see season 3 starting (in 4 hours !) 
     What do you guys think how True Blood? Love it? Hate it? Let me know.    

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