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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WWE RAW (06-14-10)

      I saw this last night and man this was exciting. The WWE NXT Superstars came back and asked for contracts or else. Hart then did something I never thought and fired Wade Barrett! I am a huge fan of his and it stinks to see that. But Hart put his foot down and said if they did not leave, the police would escort them out of the building. 
      First match was a Fatal 4 Way for the U.S Title. It was between John Morrison, The Miz. R-Truth and Zack Ryder. I loved this match simply because Morrison and R-Truth make everything so exciting. Whether they are together or apart, they make great matches. I liked The Miz is this because he was very aggressive, obviously killing for that title. Then there is Ryder. Honestly I do not know how he got into this match. I can't remember any of thr matches he had been in. Maybe it is because his character annoys the hell out of me, but whatever. I do not think he was 100% ready for this. Nonetheless, The Miz steals a win after Morrison does his Starship Pain to R-Truth. So we now have a new U.S. Champion.
      There was a bit with one of the stars from Royal Pains, Mark Feuerstein, and the Bella Twins (Good Lord, will they give them actual work to do). Really funny bit with him, Big Show, Ted DiBiase and Virgil. Very nice.
      Second match was Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho. Really nice match considering how different their levels are. But I respect Jericho a lot for these matches. He is maybe the only Heavyweight, main event wrestler that goes up against the new blood. My younger brother was complaining that he is being brought down a bit, but I don't think thatvis the case here. Bourne more than held his own in this match. I am so glad he is finally getting the push he soooooo deserves. Bourne won by DQ after Jericho didn't get the pin and went crazy on Bourne. He ended it with the amazing Airbourne.
     Next segment was of John Cena talking about the NXT Superstars and the way they handled things last week. He said he won't press charges and called them out. They came out and so did the rest of the WWE Superstars. They all fought against the NXT Superstars and they went running  
out of the building. So far this is one of the best nights RAW has ever had since this PG rating. 
     Third match was a Divas Tag Team match. It was Eve Torres and Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox and Maryse.  Good match, short (as usual for Diva matches). Eve Torres and Gail Kim won when Alicia Fox accidently kicked Maryse in the face and got the Neckbreaker from Eve. Gail Kim didn't get tagged at all and I didn't like that. Gail Kim is a wonderful and ever since she came back from TNA, she has been put in the sidelines a bit. She use to be a Womens Champion for goodness sake. I can't say it enough, she needs to be treated better in the WWE.
     Fourth match was Big Show and Mark Feuerstein vs. Ted Dibiase and Virgil. Feuerstein was hilarious and I was not sure about Virgil. He did not seem to be up to par with the wrestling. He definitely got annihilated by the Big Show. Then Feuerstein did the Worm and it was hilarious. I thought he was going to do Scotty Too Hottie's Worm, that would have been fun too. Big Show and Feuerstein won and Virgil got dollar bills stuffed in his mouth by Dibiase when he lost the match.
     Fifth match was William Regal vs. Santino with Vladmir Koslov as the referee. I have no idea who came up with is one. Either way, Santino won and Regal was blaming Koslov since they have some bad blood. Then Hart came out and called all WWE Superstars to stand at the entrance so there won't be a repeat of last week. Which didn't make sense since the NXT stars usually come through the audience.  
     Final match of the night was a Tag Team match. It was John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus and Edge. Pretty good match. I love all four of these wrestlers but I really liked it when it was between Sheamus and Orton. They have a great aggressive energy that is nice to see when they are in the ring together. Edge as well but other two a bit more for me. Well no one won the match because the lights went out and the NXT Stars were backstage and wrecked havoc there and had Bret Hart. 
     They put Hart in the backseat of the limo and crashed him all over the place. Then they told him they wanted his answer by Sunday. Overall this was  such a great night, like I said, it was one of the best. 
      What did you guys think? 

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