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Sunday, June 13, 2010

WWE Smackdown (06-11-2010) 

      So busy with one post, I forgot to post this one. Friday Night Smackdown was pretty good. I would have liked it if the WWE NXT Superatars decided to make an appearance as well like they did on RAW. Hey, what is wrong with consistency? But nonetheless it was nice. 
      The beginning of the show was started off with Kane talking about getting vengeance for the Undertaker. Then Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger started with their bantering. I was not much for Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger. I mean, I do enjoy them both (in very different ways) and they are both entertaining. I just mean some of the dialogue between them was just strange. Maybe it is just me but it just needed a little pick me up. No problem though, it was still fun.  
     It definitely got better when CM Punk got out there. Say what you will about his being everyone's "savior" shnick, the guy is amazing on the mic. He cracks me up. I loved how he says he was still suffering from an assassination attempt. His ego is too hilarious. I liked the Big Show when he came out. Picking on Punk and all. He is probably the most likable guy when he is a face. He is a born comedian in his own right truly. But seriously, when the hell will we see Punk without the mask? I am dying to see Mysterio's handy work.  
      Is it good or bad that Kane is finally getting a spotlight after all these years through his own brother's injury? I don't know, but it is nice to see him back in the spotlight. He comes out and says everyone in the ring could be responsible for what happened to Undertaker too. 
     First match was Mysterio vs. Swagger. I thought it was a great match. Rey Mysterio wins but Kane comes out and takes both Swagger and Mysterio down. 
     Second match was Layla of LayCool and  vs. Tiffany. I can't stand LayCool. I believe Layla has talent, but Michelle McCool is stealing her thunder. I am still not 100% on McCool being the mean girl yet, but she is a lot better at it now than she was in the beginning. I think it is awful how Layla clearly wins the belt and now LayCool are co-Women's Champions. It is ridiculous. I love Tiffany. She is a wonderful diva who truly needs a big push. She does not get showcased as well in the WWE and she really should be. Nonetheless, Layla wins by distraction, no surprise there. 
    Third match was Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler. Vickie was there ringside of course. There is definitely going to be that same Vickie and Edge storyline here. Can't believe she is doing this again, but it is entertaining to watch. She is a great villain I must say. Christian wins the match, but ends up getting taken out by Hawkins and Archer. Happy those two are trying to make a name for themselves. 
    Now the part I really want to get to. Drew McIntyre and Teddy Long. This pisses me off so much I want to break something. I hate how Vince McMahon has McIntyre as the "Chosen One". He is making him the most hated wrestler ever!  
     Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Drew McIntyre fan. I love him. I mean I really love him, I want to bear his kids. Anyway, I try to pay attention to wrestling outside of the WWE and I have seen McIntyre when he wrestled in ICF and BCW. My God this man was born to wrestle. One of the best technical wrestlers I have seen. That and seeing a 6'6" tall man doing a dropkick is definitely a sight to see. But with him being on Smackdown, we don't see the guy we knew as Drew Galloway (real name by the way, I guess Galloway wasn't Scottish enough for McMahon). McIntyre has all these rivals with some of the most popular and most loved wrestlers in the WWE. Morrison, R-Truth, Hardy, these wrestlers have a lot of fans and I hate that these are the people McIntyre is put up against. McMahon makes him a 250 lbs. child that does nothing but bitch to his daddy when things don't go his way. It is so unfair. I am happy that we are finally seeing outside talent going for the titles though. Seriously Vince, don't call it World Wrestling Entertainment if the only people winning titles are American or Canadian and every once in a blue moon, a Mexican or a Brit . It is about damn time we are seeing this, but good Lord. Stop making McIntyre look like a pansy. 
     Anyway, McIntyre told Long that Hardy is banned from all WWE shows.   He also tells Long he has a match with him next week. If Long doesn't wrestle or loses all together against Drew, Long gets the boot. Then Kofi Kingston shows up and talks about McIntyre's whinning and beats him up. Another rival I can't believe I am seeing. Thanks so much Vince McMahon.
     Final match was Big Show vs. CM Punk. I enjoyed this as well. I loved that Show was trying so many times to remove that damn mask. Show wins by disqualification after SES comes in to save their "savior". Then Kane comes in, clears out the ring and Big Show receives a chokeslam.  
     Overall nice night. Again disappointed that Smackdown didn't get the storyline with the NXT wrestlers. I don't think it is right to reserve that exclusively for RAW, but what can you do?                    

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