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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yahoo's list of Summer TV Guilty Pleasures

     I am a little fumed over this list. There are on this list that I can't believe are on here. So I feel like venting a bit.

     First, Royal Pains. I really enjoy this show. It is light and actually funny. I enjoy the hell out of the characters. They have amazing chemistry here and yes, they are gorgeous. But it is only fitting for a Summer show placed in the Hamptons. But still, the only guilt about watching this show is the guilt of wanting to fit in with rich people.

     Second issue and most important one, True Blood. What the hell? This show is perfect. Blood, gore and sex. Come on. It really can't get better than that for a Horror fan such as myself. This show is full of comedy, drama, romance, insane family issues and plenty more. It may not follow the books page for page, but I like it that way. It keeps me surprised, since I read them and I know what is going to happen, book wise. This show is fantastic, if you are 18 years old or older. The only guilt here is if you are a parent who let's your kid watch it. Leave than with Twilight (which I will vent about soon enough on a later date).

     Third issue, the rest of the list. The rest of these I have never heard of or even cared for. Drop Dead Diva is a show my sister loves. It seems cute and I can relate to it, but it isn't anything I haven't seen already. Pretty Little Liars does not interest me. It reminds me of an even more watered down version of Sorority Row. Pretty high school girls who come off slutty (one trailer was of a girl who seems like she had a Summer fling with her grown teacher, go figure). Sex, lies and secrets, the only thing it seems adults like to make for teenagers. And yes, I am uncomfortably laughing at the strange and somewhat creepy irony.

     The reality shows are the biggest practical joke in America. The only one I don't have an issue with is So You Think You Can Dance. It is a favorite for me because the competitors are actually talented (unlike the ridiculous monstrosity of Dancing with The Stars). I only watched the first Big Brother and that was it for me. Jersey Shore alone is what is wrong with America. Then the fact that I can't remember the last time I truly enjoyed anything on MTV. I even watched the first 15 minutes of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Very entertaining until it got to the actual nominations. Again, it was all about Twilight (AHHHH!!!) To quote the great Joey Ramone: "MTV destroyed music". Apparently they are out to ruin movies as well.

So again, having Royal Pains and my beloved True Blood is ridiculous to me. Are there any shows you believe should be added or taken away? Let me know.

Check out list here:

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