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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adrian Phoenix - In The Blood (Maker's Song 2)

In the Blood is book 2 in the Maker's Song series (hence the title) and this was just plain amazing. After the first book, I knew Adrian Phoenix was going on my favorite list. Seriously, there is good and then there is if I was stranded on an island with only one book to take with me, one of the books in this series would be my choice. Well it would actually be a fight between this or something from Karen Marie Moning.
    This is one of the most unique books I have ever read. This is part two of the Maker's Song series and it is just as incredible. It is a series full of mystery, characters that are realistic (well as realistic as angels and vampires can get) and creativity. Now for a little catch up.
     In the first book of the series, A Rush of Wings, we are introduced to Heather Wallace. She is an FBI agent that was in the middle of a cross country chase. Wallace was chasing the Cross Country Killer (uh, duh) and she ends up meeting a young man named Dante Baptiste (or Prejean, as a hound boy). He is a mysterious, sexy lead singer to his band, Inferno. This all blends well with his a don't-give-a-shit attitude. But Dante has a lot of issues.
    Baptiste was a foster child who was molestated and used as a boy. He was stolen by a company that wanted to use him as a weapon (they calledl him S to activate him). He got out of the foster home by killing everyone (he was activated to do so) and through the activation he kills the only person that was close to him, his adopted sister, Chloe. But after the masacre, they fiddle with his brain some more and he can't remember a thing without having massive migraines, nosebleeds and seizures.
     Dante also happens to be a Maker (a very powerful angel). He can literally create and destroy living things with his hands. His friend, Lucien DeNoir (who he finds out is actually his father and a fallen angel), is trying to help him not get discovered by his angel brethren because they plan on using him.
     Now in In the Blood, the angels are coming after Dante and his condition is getting worse. Wallace finds Dante again and more importantly, she finds the doctor who messed up Dante's brain the first place. The doctor was trying to create the perfect child, a god. But lost Dante in Project Bad Seec (that was the name of their experiments). So he creates his own children (twins) who are both sociopaths, Alex and Athena Lyons. Athena though is schizophrenic amd Alex thinks Dante cam save her. Alex is playing trustworthy cop to get to Wallace since he knows she knows Dante and the company sccrets. Athena thinks she is Hades, God of the Underworld.          
    Wallace sets out to not only save Dante, the love her life, but she also wants to bring down the various companies that are after her. Other companies want to know what Wallace knows about them. Since they suspect that she not only knows Dante, but has saved his life, they sent various assassins after her and Dante. But fortunately (and unfortuantely) they seem to have their own motives.
Overall, if you want to read an original and innovative vampire series, I highly recommend this to you. It is dark, complex, destructive and a breath of fresh air.

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