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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inception (2010)

   Hello. Sorry it has taken so long for a little something from me. My younger brother just left for the U.S. Navy. His date was changed for two weeks earlier so things have been going through a whirlpool here at home. So I am missing him but I am very happy for him. So before I start crying, why don't I bring some things up to speed.
     Inception! Man I loved this movie. It is so nice to know there is someone in Hollywood that can make original stuff. Christopher Nolan, if I ever meet you I think I will bend down and kiss everyone of your toes. No seriously, you are worth it.
     This movie is about a man named Dom Cobb whose job (well not job, he is a thief) is to get into someone's head for their deepest and most buried secrets. He extracts these secrets that are buried into the subconscious. But because of Cobb's personal demons, he is a criminal and all, he accepts a "job" that will give him a fresh start. But things don't go quite as planned. During a reverse heist if you will (instead of sneaking in to take something, they want to plant an idea), Cobb's demons put him and his team in jeopardy.
     That is literally the simplest explanation I can give you. This film is not for people with short attention spans or who are dimwitted. Even if these don't apply, you will still have questions when this movie is over. The level of thought and complexity that went into this movie made me smile. Such a breath of fresh air considering it came from Hollywood. This film manages to be thought provoking and visually stunning. Unlike the majority of blockbuster films that offer you more of the latter.
    This is why I love Christopher Nolan so much. He is not afraid to give the people an actual storyline that involves thinking and your point of view. A lot like one of his other films, The Prestige, when you get to the end, you instantly know you must watch it again to truly grasp what has happened. But Inception is probably 5x (wait, I take that back, make it 10x) more complicated than The Prestige. Thank you Nolan for not treating the average movielover like a dumbass. Thank you for remembering that we want something out of the ordinary, something that keeps us thinking long after we have left the theater.


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