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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keri Arthur - Embraced By Darkness (Riley Jenson Guardian 5)

Embraced by Darkness, in my personal opinion, is the best out of the series so far. There was an actual mystery in this for a change. In the past books, you already knew who the bad guys were  That or you find out way too soon and there was not a whole lot of suspense. This definitely had more of an Anita Blake feel to it. This one actually had you guessing a bit.
This book starts off with Jensen on vacation from being a Guardian. A guardian is basically a cop for the supernatural (actually more like an assassin, given the crazy weapons they are allowed to use). While on this beautiful island she gets an unexpected and unwanted visit from her pack's Alpha Male. A man who has tried to kill her and her brother due to their mixed heritage (she is both a werewolf and a vampire, more werewolf though) and he "goes" to her to ask for her help to find his granddaughter. Jensen obviously doesn't want to help a man who despises her very existence, but he threatens to kill her mother if she doesn't. So, of course, she is on board.
Jensen has to help the Alpha Male find his granddaughter on the island she is on. So while investigating, she come across strange things on the island. A man who was supposedly there but wasn't there. She doesn't find much, so she leaves with Kellen. Kellen is the only person she is with at the moment and they want to go "solo" (solo as in both of them see each other and no one else). She, of course, freaks out and drags it along because she is afraid of going solo.
While back on the job, her new suspect is the most unusually thing ever. It obliterates the women (tear them to unnoticeable pieces and keeps their hair) and the men are somewhere, blocks away from the house, seeming as though they died of terror. It definitely a different kind of villain compared to the others in the past and I liked that there was two different things going on in this book. Mysterious on both sides.
Now I did like the past four books, don't get me wrong, but they weren't my favorites. They weren't favorites due to the lead character, Riley Jensen. Jensen is the most annoying female lead. She bitches and whines about how she wants her white picket fence and great husband to love and protect her. But when she has the potential to have them, she still whines about her freedom.
Since she is (more of) a werewolf,  her and werewolves alike have sex with numerous people because...that is what they do apparently. Jensen says it is stop bloodlust, but after reading these books so far, she uses that as an excuse to be a slut. In the beginning of the series, she meets a vampire named Quinn, who, of course, is not a fan of the whole multiple partners thing. But he still gives her a chance. He tries to protect her and all, all the things she wants and she bitches to him about his human outlook on sex. She gets on my last nerve. She wants everyone to see things her way, but she refuses to see anything in theirs. That is why I liked this book. She seems to have grown a little more more. She puts Kellen first in her mind ahead of her own wants.
Overall, this is the best book of the series so far. I hope Arthur has made the rest of the books more like this one. I really would hate to see Jensen go back to her selfish ways (well mainly selfish, she does put her brother ahead most). Seriously, she was annoying as hell.

If anyone has read these, what did you think? Do you think Jensen was annoying or did she have her reasons?

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  1. Before I read romance I was more into series like this. I enjoyed this series. Wow it has been awhile since I read them. Really I could not turn my pages fast enough to see if Quinn would show up. Adore him. Great review. I still have this series in a box in my closet.

  2. @Wickedly Delicious Me too. I did enjoy this series. I need to catch up for sure. This was my favorite so far. I agree, Quinn was to die for. All the more reason I want to slap Riley LOL! Thank you hon, glad you enjoyed it :)


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