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Friday, August 6, 2010

Michelle Obama's visit to Spain

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     My grandmother told me about this  and she got pissed. Then I read the article and I could see why. This was hands down the dumbest news-not-news ever. Let me get this straight  Our First Lady takes a vacation to Spain and they say she was being glitzy. She is the First Lady, she can do whatever she wants first of all. Second of all, this woman had money before she was married to President Obama. It is not fair for anyone to bash her over something so mindnumbingly stupid. Yet when Paris Hilton or any "celebrity" not worth my time goes and spend $85000 on earrings (yes, I have heard of this), it's nothing. They are suppose to spend money on something you will see once.
     Now think about this. Reverse this "situation". When she did go to Spain, would they have been happier if she rested in the slums? Of course not. What would they say? That even the Obamas are having financial issues and that would cause an unnecessary storm as well, now wouldn't oh so useful "news" media?
     Another reason this article was pointless, two words. Two words that any American with a brain would know it is time to turn your head in a different and accurate direction. Those words are...Fox "News". Of course they would say something about Michelle Obama. What don't they have to say about the Obamas (besides something actually positive)? My point is the "news" media has been itching to say anything about our First Lady and this is what these morons chose.
    My point is, get a life. There are plenty of things going down around the world. There are plenty of trust fund babies and fuck puppets (thank you Christopher Moore for vernacular) to pay attention to. Women we give reality shows to for Christ's sake. Is the First Lady spending time in Spain spending money she has the right to spend really the only thing you guys can find to bitch about? Welcome to America, land of hypocrisy and ignorance.

P. S.- In case someone thinks this, I am not anti-America. I love my country, it is just the "news" media that pisses me off and the people who actually listen to them without thinking for themselves.   

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