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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

     I saw this film a couple of days ago. I think it is safe to say (big in take of air)...THIS IS THE GREATEST FILM EVER!!! Seriously, if I dreamt up my perfect movie, it would probably look and feel a lot like this. The level of innovation and fun in this movie was more than enough to have me smiling from beginning to end.

     This is a movie about a guy named Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) who is in a rock band who's love life is a little uncoventional. He is a 23-years-old and he is dating a 17-year-old high school student, Knives Chau. Things are going...well, can't say well. They were just together, but they obviously shouldn't have been. He was having second thoughts and she was very middle school-crazy-perky. It was obvious he was going to break up with her, with or without his friends and older sister telling him so.

     Then one day he falls asleep and has a strange dream about a girl, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), rolling through his dream (literally). He sees her everywhere and falls for her quickly (while he is still with Knives). So one day after he invites Ramona to one of his band's concerts, he is quickly confronted by a crazy and overly eccentric fighter who happens to be one of Ramona's exes. Then Pilgrim finds out that in order to date her, he must defeat all seven of her exes. No draws, no injuries, has to be total defeat with his own two hands.

     So while he is in the middle of defeating The League of Exes, Knives finds out that Scott was with her and Flowers at one time before he dumped her. She becomes even more crazy and quite the stalker in the movie. But she matures, sort of.

     I absolutely love this movie. I am going to check it out again tomorrow. There were so many things to love. First off, of course, was the look of this movie. It was a comic book and video game put together (with a little bit of anime thrown in).

     Second, the characters. I am a huge fan of Michael Cera, but everyone else was fantastic too. I loved Pilgrim's gay roommate, Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin). He is always introduced as his gay roommate. He was funny, witty and sarcastic as hell. He was also the "unintentional ring announcer" at the beginning of Scott's fights. There was Gideon Gordon Graves (Jason Schwartzman) who I am also a huge fan of. He was the boss to beat in the final level in the film. Also Julie Powers (Aubrey Powers) was great. The movie is PG-13, so when an F-bomb was dropped (specifically from Powers), she had the black box over her mouth the block out the word. That was one of many genius little
ideas in this film that was so pleasant.

     That ties in with the third and most important thing I loved about this, the directing. Everything that was done was purposely meant to give it a certain feel. There were plenty of onomatopoeias (words that sound the same as they are spelled, comic book words like "ring" or "thwap"). You just got learned. Also there was a little sitcom parody to Seinfeld in the film which just added more to the film. And so many other thingsthat were just incredible.

     Bottom line, this is not only one of the beat films of the year, this is one of the greatest movies I have seen in my life. Now if you are a geek like me, of course this movie will appeal to you. But you don't have to be a geek to appreciate the awesomeness of this film in my opinion. Unfortunately not a lot of people agreed with that given that this movie only showcased at number 5 in the box office. The saddest travesty I have ever seen. There is so much in this movie, it is impossible not to find something enjoyable about it. There have been plenty of comic book movies, but none of them are anything like this beautiful gem here. Go to the theaters and check this out of you know what is good for you. No seriously, you better watch it.

What did you guys? Why do you think this did not make it to number one?

 + 1

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