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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Charlie Huston - Already Dead (Joe Pitt 1)

     Just want to say, Joe Pitt is one of the coolest vampires ever. This is a great book and I can't wait to start the next book in the series. Yet the most compelling thing about this book is the lead charcter.
    Again this is another book I have read recently that is totally original. Not only original but while reading this, I can tell this would make one hell of a movie. I want it to be a movie. The vampire movie world needs something new beside glittering, pussy-whipped vampires (with the exception of Daybreakers). That is why I love Joe Pitt. Charlie Huston has given us the hard ass, rough, New Yorker born and bread detective with a twist.
    This book is full of zombies. Well, they aren't called zombies, they called shamblers. A shambler is loose and it is spreading its flesh eating bacteria around the city and it is Pitt's job to find it. But things get even more difficult for Pitt when it is found that a shambler might have gotten to a high society's daughter who has gone missing.
     Another problem is that someone stole Pitt's stash of blood. Vampyres have different turfs. Pitt thinks someone from a different turf or the top of Vampyre society, the Coalition, has stolen his stash. This means Pitt has to be quick and try not to attract any attention while getting his next stash blood.
     Pitt is fighting bloodlust, fighting the Coalition, fighting the shamblers, fighting other Vampyres. Also he is fighting (and not fighting) his girlfriend who thinks he cheated on her. So Pitt has a lot on his plate and he is trying to keep his head above the water everyone would love to see him drown in.
     One thing I love about this book is that it is very different compared to most vampire books. For instance, instead of giving you some sexed up, ridiculously sexy male lead (though I do believe Pitt is sexy, in a hard ass sort of way), we have someone who seems quite normal. Well normal is not the right word, regular. Pitt has a job, a difficult one, only due to the people he works with and is surrounded by.  He has a girlfriend who has HIV, so they don't have sex. Not that he can get it (because he can't, but he himself has issues as well due to his vampirism. But he says that due to him being a vampire, he could cure his girlfriend of her virus, yet he is afraid to let her know what he is.
     Also in this book, it is not explained as down right vampirism, Pitt describes it as a virus. This virus needs to be fed blood or else things go wrong. That is something else I love. This books feels like it is apart of the real world. There is nothing too paranormal about it. Though I believe with Huston's style, it would have been fine either way.
     This was another great find. I just stumbled on it through the Stanza app on my iPod Touch. It was a great read. I couldn't put it down and that is the ultimate compliment for any book. This book is quite dark and a little creepy. But you are more creeped out by the actual people in the book, not the shamblers or the vampires per se.



  1. I am a HUGE Charlie Huston fan! I think he's probably one of the most underrated authors out there! So glad to see a review for one of his books! If you like him, you might check out the Cal McDonald series by Steve Niles.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. @Kristin - I so agree. He is not as talked about as he should be. He is very smart and real. Even though it is about vampires, it feels real. He really should be more realized than he is now. Glad you liked the review hon. I will check out Steve Niles, sounds interesting. Thanks hon :)


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