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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fox Cancels "Lone Star"!!!!

    "An oil man lives a double life". That is the plot line they had for this on IMDB. Well title says all, but that little plot line is ridiculous. This show has been canceled and quite frankly I think it is BULLSHIT! I watched the pilot last week and thought it was quite incredible. My first thought was, "Emmy-worthy", no joke. So it is just stupid to see something worth watching get canceled. It had a little over 4 million viewers first week and a little over 3 million this week. What did they expect? It is a brand new show and unfortunately on the same night with the moronic monstrosity of Dancing with the Stars (can't you tell I hate it?!)
   But that is my point, it was at an odd time as far as I was concerned. I think this would have been more fitting on a Friday night instead of a Monday night. Fox has done it again. Think about it, Firefly had about the same amount of viewers for its one and only season, but it is still one of the most loved shows ever. I just think it is strange that this show gets canceled so quickly, when, in my opinion, that many viewers is good for a new show.
  Then go to shows like Smallville and Supernatural both had about 3 million viewers each on average and that was considered high ratings and these shows are seasoned veterans (well Smallville obviously). So why is a new show so quickly ostracized  after episode numero dos, but a show that is now in its tenth season has the same amount of viewers and that is okay? Doesn't make sense to me. I do want to point out that Smallville and Supernatural are a couple of my favorite shows to watch, I am not complaining by any means.
  Also this article from the Hollywood Reporter . Apparently creator Killen is just as shocked as I am. I think asking a petition is a good idea, but it seems this was not fought for enough and it needs to be. I did like the thinking though. He says he thought it was great Fox gave him the same spot as the former spot for 24. But this show is not necessarily action packed and full of government conspiracies. That doesn't mean it wasn't worth watching. I like shows the are coming of age (even though he was of age, if that makes sense to anyone).
  So it is obvious I don't agree with another one of Fox's ridiculous decisions. They always have a tendency to cancel things I would pay money to see if it wasn't for free. Oh by the way, since I have always wanted to say this, Joss Whedon, do not put anymore shows on Fox, please! It is obvious you are waaaaaayyyyy too cool for them.

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