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Monday, October 18, 2010

Brandon Routh to play Superman in reboot?

    Superman is back and we don't know if he will be better than ever. I really like Brandon Routh. I think he is a great actor, he definitely has the look and essence of Superman. But still, Superman Returns was, in fact, a sequel (Right?). So I find it weird to do a complete overhaul of the original Superman and still (basically) continue with the most recent sequel. Everyone knows that Routh was not suppose to be in the reboot, but apparently things have changed, again. I thought that he was great as Superman, even though Superman Returns was not my favorite, he was captivating. I am not just saying that because he is hot, but because he did a great job.
   I believe one issue with Superman is the way they have been presented to us. I mean Superman Returns was (suppose to be) a sequel to Superman IV. A sequel that I don't think anyone watched or remembers, I know I didn't and don't (that made sense). I think the reboot should have started when they made Superman Returns. I mean it did nothing but remind newer audiences (and probably older ones) what the basis of Superman is all about. It wasn't really anything new except for the kid thing, that was something.
  So I don't think bringing back Routh is a problem as long as the movie goes in a different direction. Since Zack Synder is doing it, I am expecting something different (with some slo-mo action). I think Synder has the ability to scrap things and go onto a different path. I know he can do something we haven't seen with Superman and bring a different flavor to the franchise. I think that is the biggest issue with Superman. Superman IV came out in 1987, Superman Returns came out in 2006 and yet, it didn't feel like it was updated. Twenty years have gone by and it didn't feel like Superman got a face lift, to speak. I mean it was shinier and the special effects were bigger, but with Superman as a whole, I expected a more updated feel. So I know Synder understands we are in a different era and that is why I am fine with the reboot. Synder I am putting my faith in you because you belong to this generation of violence and sex. I know Superman is for all ages, but a little blood would be nice. As for the sex thing, well I am a girl and Routh is Routh, put the two together.
   What about any of you? Anybody agree or disagree with Routh coming back or just a Superman reboot in general?

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