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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sesame Street's True Mud (True Blood Parody)

     Yes, that title is correct. Apparently Katy Perry was too "racy" for Sesame Street because she is a pretty girl with boobs, but a True Blood parody is okay to show children. Why make a parody of something that kids shouldn't be watching in the first place? Let me say first and foremost, if kids are watching True Blood,  arrest the parents immediately.The day True Blood becomes appropriate for kids is the day Fox "News" becomes an actual newsworthy source. It will NEVER happen.
     Someone made the comment on one of the videos uploaded to Youtube saying they don't know whether it is funny or disturbing. I definitely agree with that. I mean I don't know if I laughed because I was uncomfortable or if it was funny.
     I will say this though. I am happy that Sesame Street is into pop culture. There is nothing wrong with that. They are modern and up to date.It is nice to start branching into things that kids are into and what they pay attention to. But True Blood? This show is explicitly for adults, no way around that, no way to sugar coat it. Sesame Street, I love you guys, but please keep in mind what you are doing because this doesn't make a lick of sense.
     What do you guys think? Do you think they should have done a parody of a Mature rated show? Let me know what your thoughts on this.
     To see the parody yourself, visit the link here:

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