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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)

As Harry races against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he uncovers the existence of three most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Deathly Hallows

     $16.25. $16.25 is the exact price I paid to watch absolute and total awesomeness. $11.50 for IMAX tickets + $4.75 for a hot, steamy and crispy box of curly fries. I would have gladly paid more for both because if there is one thing Harry Potter and curly fries have in common, is that neither of them left a bad taste in my mouth. I think you guys can guess what I thought of this. It was awesome!
   This movie starts off with Severus heading to Lord Voldemort's "dinner" table. It was his Death Eaters were scared to bits of the guy, naturally. Voldemort wanted to know where he could get the most powerful wand and his entourage was really no help. He also kills a girl for her beliefs and lets his snake eat her. You know, classic Voldemort. Seriously, this was one creepy ass scene.
     A big reason why I love Potter is that constantly, even though it's voluntary, he doesn't want anyone risking their lives for him. I love that Ron pointed this out. That it isn't mainly about Potter, that it is much bigger than him, even though he is the Chosen One. But Potter and his trusted clan are on the run. There is pretty much a ransom on his head and his friends have offered to risk their lives for him (as noted). People die this first night, then after that, there's a wedding. Yeah, didn't get that either. The wedding was so out of the blue. Never was explained. You do discover some things that were interesting, but I wish the wedding thing had a little more explanation for me. Also the morning of the random wedding, Ginny needed Potter to zip her dress (classic). They share a kiss, while Fred Weasley was watching (I wish he had more lines, he was hilarious), and that's it. This "romance" just feels a little dry to me, but I guess it has a lot to do with Potter trying to save the world and all.
     So they continue the hunt for the Horcruxes (Voldemort has split his soul into seven and hidden them in objects only he know, of course). Once Harry finds these Horcruxes and figures out how to destroy them, he'll be able to kill Voldemort once and for all. So they are on the hunt and they go through some scary and/or amusing adventures. They stole some people's identities and found out a politician isn't so nice (what a shocker).
    After a funny and yet scary chase, they end up hiding the rest of the film in the woods. They discover a secret about the Horcruxes that will help them. Ron has a major breakdown and leaves. This was such a weird part for me, as it was for others. Not seeing all three of them together felt weird. Potter may be the Chosen One, but without Hermione and Ron, none of the Potter films would work. They are an amazing trio and they need each other. We find that out after there was a test of Ron jealously when opening up Horcrux. Now if you have seen this, you know this scene was a tiny bit racy for the 5 year olds sitting in the audience. I know it was PG-13, but Potter is aimed at all ages. I am just saying, sometimes movie companies seem to forget who their audience is. Like I was saying, instead of Ron going on a killing rampage, he knew his best friend and girlfriend wouldn't betray him. The scene after this was quite funny to me. Young men and women in all their glory. Girls are pissed and will stay piss, even after you say something so beautiful. But like I said, having Ron there makes things 10x better. I love Ron.
    Along the way, they hear a story that answers more questions than they thought. I loved this scene about the Trio of Brothers. The way they shot the story added a little more magic. It was dark, beautiful, and striking. If it wasn't Harry Potter, I would have have watched an entire film about these three. So well done. Through this beautifully told story, they find that the symbol that has been haunting them throughout the movie, is the nail on the head (or coffin as you may).
   This leads to a creepy visit to Bellatrix and her dirty little clan. This leads to a scene that will effect everyone. I watched this with my younger brother and even he was effected by it, even though he is Mr. Macho.
   Now if you haven't guessed, I skipped some things because I saw this a few days ago and it is not totally fresh. Also I have not read any of the Potter books. I actually got into the Harry Potter films late. My mom said it was for devil worshipers. A concept I thought and still think hilarious because (a) we do have faith in God, but we aren't religious nuts and (b) we have seen every Lord of the Rings film more times than I can count on fingers and toes and both LOTR and Potter deal with lots and lots of magic.
   Overall, watch this movie. Even if you are not a huge fan in sci-fi/fantasy (shame), there is still so much you can take from Potter. It is sad, funny, dramatic, and horrific all at once. I hope that all get the chance to see this. I plan to see it again this week. I am sure I have another $16.25 to spare.

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