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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making An Attempt to Create a Template and Header

        This is how I feel right now! I am in tears now and will most likely be in the fetal position in a few minutes. I have attempted to create my own header and template. Everyone makes it seem easy and in hindsight, it is. I think it is like solving a math problem. You hate it when you see, you're frustrated when while solving it, you give up for a while, but once you figure it out and you are done, you feel happy you didn't give up. Well, right not, I am just frustrated as hell and I might give up after trying for two days.
        But thank God for the Internet, well specifically Twitter and Google, I have been able to at least cop a feel with creating  from scratch, well, semi-scratch. I was able to get fantastic and expensive extras with my new laptop for free. Among those extras, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. Just the look of it is enough to know why people like it so much. So I am giving it a world. Now being someone who has used GIMP (a free downloadable tool found here: ). That is a lot like Photoshop just without some of their unimaginable price tags. But I do like the feel and look of Photoshop more. So while blogging, I will do my best to keep you updated on my amateur attempts at creating brilliance (and trust me, it will be. If you don't think so, make one for me, I dare you). So here goes nothing.

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