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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Sucker Punch Banner, thank you Pardee

Source: CinemaBlend

   The above image is not the one I am going crazy over, although it is very nice. Nonetheless, I am a big fan of amazing images. I love stuff that is dark and yet beautiful. From small and simple to epic and overwhelming, bring it all. So as you can imagine, once I saw the trailer to Sucker Punch, I know that Zack Synder will once again pleasure my eyeballs. This film is full of kickass girls with swords and guns who battle against nightmares too weird even for my brain to comprehend. Like I said the trailer looks amazing. But I must say, the storyline almost seems like it could be a more stylized sequel to a remake I was not fond all that fond of, The Uninvited (2009). But Sucker Punch still seems amazing.
     But in my opinion, what makes it really amazing is the look of this film. I don't own a lot of movie posters. The only posters on my wall are of True Blood (come on, can you blame for wanting to look at Eric and Bill 24/7?), but I have to have some posters of this. This post is basically about me bowing to the artist, Alex Pardee, for his amazing work. Seriously people, Google him, this guy knows his monsters. Oh by any chance if you are reading this Mr. Alex Pardee, once my book is done, I would love for you to make the cover. If anyone can make it as dark and yet somehow beautiful as I want it, it is you. Well you and Tony Mauro. I won't lie, I am in love with you both. As you all can tell, I have figured out what my new avatars might look like. I'll wait to see the movie to figure out which chick is best. It is only fair

    One of the many beautiful posters/banners that has got me babbling is posted here on the Apple website:

    Also check out the trailer for Sucker Punch below. Film comes out March 25, 2011. Mark It!


  1. The first time I saw the trailer I knew I had to see this movie! Is it March 25th yet?

  2. It is March 25. I can't wait for it. I hope to make it a new Dark Knight (watched it in theaters 8 times, my highest number). Man I am so excited!

  3. 8 times!? That's pretty hardcore!

  4. Oh it is and I still bought it on DVD and I have it on my iPod. So yeah, to say I'm a fan is an understatement. LOL!


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