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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wrestling News 01-31-11

Source:Wrestling Edge    
     Since I haven't had much of anything about wrestling in a while, I thought now is a great time to left a fire under my ass. Here are just a few things that have been going around for the past week that I want to praise and vent about. Feel free to join 
    MTV's Tough Enough is back! I know I should have posted this one way earlier. but life is what it is. Anyway, MTV is bringing back the one and only show I ever really enjoyed on their network, Tough Enough. For those that don't know, Tough Enough is a lot like WWE's NXT, just with relevant wrestling competitions. What I loved most about this show is that wasn't limited to men, women were in the same competition. Everyone was given the same amount of work to do as everyone else. I mean the women could actually wrestle and two of them actually won out of the the three seasons I believe the show had. That is what was most impressive. They didn't do it like the ridiculous diva searches where they have them running around in a itty bitty bikini. So I hope that when the show does come back, they keep it the way it was and not tweak it. Also Stone Cold is hosting it. STONE COLD! One of my favorite wrestlers in the world who is known for his no bullshit attitude toward anyone, no matter the sex. So if anyone can make this show get back to its greatness, it is the Rattlesnake!
     Also there is talk going around about making the Bella Twins heels. Thank God, I think they will be less annoying that way. They are good wrestlers when they actually wrestle, but jeez, stop it with the whole arm candy stuff. It is so annoying. They also say Gail Kim will be a heel. After her return from TNA to WWE, she has not been given the proper respect she deserves. I mean this woman won the WWE Womens Title during her first match years ago. When she left TNA to come back, again, nothing but arm candy and sometimes not even that. I believe making her heel will give her the respect she so deserves. You may not like heels, but a lot of them you do respect.
     Then there was talk of letting Brock Lesnar appear 3 times prior and the day of Wrestlemania. These appearances would have made Lesnar an extra 7 figures. I know you noticed the "would have". Apparently WWE wants him, of course we fans want to see him, but UFC has denied it. Come on! I would love to see Lesnar wrestle again and I will take anything. He shows up three times, gets paid and leave. That is it, UFC! I am sure you can spare just a little bit of time for him for this.
     I am sure you all know by now that Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble last night. At first I was shocked, but after some consideration, I think it is appropriate. I like Del Rio, he may talk too much, but he backs it up. I love his cars and it doesn't hurt that the man is pretty easy on the eyes. Del Rio is definitely rising fast, which is pretty incredible considering he hasn't been in the WWE for long. He is this year's Sheamus.
     Then last by definitely not the least of things that happened was again at yesterday's Royal Rumble. Kevin Nash and Booker T! WHAT?! Both men left for TNA for some unexplainable reasons (well Booker for sure, can't remember Nash's because it was a long time ago). They both showed up for WWE's first Royal Rumble to host 40 wrestlers instead of the usual 30. They came and apparently kicked some ass. I did not catch it last night, but I have seen the pictures. No one is really clear on what is in store for them, but I would love for them to come back to the WWE where they belong.


  1. YAY, another wrestleing fan!!! I LOVE IT! :-) I agree about Tough Enough, and I also love Stone Cold so I'm so excited that he is hosting. I agree about the Bella Twins because the arm candy thing is just annoying! I don't get to watch any of the PPV events because my parents have the TV with that capability and we all know they won't watch it with me.

    My Favorite Wrestlers:
    Randy Orton: Cuz he's hot and he sticks to himself and doesn't get in all the BS.
    John Cena: Cuz he kicks all the bad guys asses, and he's easy on the eyes!
    The Miz: I used to be a huge Real World Fan and I watch the entire season he was on and thought it would be completely awesome for him to become a wrestler, than BAM, he is one! Haha...Cuz I'm the Miz, and I.AM.AWESOME!
    Natalya and Eve Torres: They are both kick ass and I love how they are not barbie doll pretty, they are more normal pretty.

    I used to love Lita and the Hardy Boys but they kind of went down hill when Jeff got in a lot of trouble with drugs and such...

    Who are some of your favorites??

  2. Oh and I love Sheamus...he's completely different than all the other guys on there and he's irish! Although I'm not enjoying this whole "King" side of him but that is what they wrote into the script right?!?!?!

    Ok I'm done...sorry for the long comment, I'm just so excited that you are a wrestling fan! :-D

  3. @deannalynnc - No don't apologize for the long comments. I am so happy to meet another wrestling fan too. I have been watching since I was little. Happy you love it too.

    I am so with your favorites too. -Randy Orton is my muse sometimes when writing. God, look at that man! I am with you there, he takes no bullshit, makes him more awesome.
    -John Cena is fun and is so likable and funny.
    -The Miz is cool. He makes a great villain. It suits him.
    -Love Natalya and Eve because they really know their stuff in the ring and they don't do the whole standing around, being eye candy stuff.
    -Trish Stratus and Lita were my all time favorite divas. Hardys were my favorite tag team, but we know how all that went :( But they are now on TNA, but I prefer WWE.

    I use to like Maryse actually. She was a great villain and actually can back up what she said, but now she is losing my respect.

    -Love Sheamus. Nice to have a real Irish World Champion. I agree about the King thing. They had that with Booker T before he left. It got on my last nerve!

    -Love Drew McIntyre. Another muse worth fantasizing about. Great wrestler and actually Scottish.

    -And of course the veterans like the Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker and more.

    So happy to meet another fan. I am the only one in the house that watches it. My brother left for the Navy, so he doesn't watch it as much as we use to :(

    Thanks so much hon, this is so awesome :)

  4. I've been watching wrestling since I was in grade school! My brother got me hooked on it and one of my best friends back then loved it too. Her and I would sit down to watch WWF on the phone with each other and basically talk the entire time it was going on and exchange thoughts on what was going on! LOL.

    I do love the Undertaker, The Rock, Steve Austin and Man Kind. I really liked Kane when he still wore is mask.

    I had a few years where I stopped watching it just because of a crazy life and started back up a couple years ago. It feels weird that it's called WWE now and some of the matches they have are just strange. Like the whole dance offs and sing offs...WEIRD! But overall I still enjoy them.

  5. @deannalynnc - Me too. I started when I was about 6 years old. I got my brother into it. It was just me and him, no one else in the house is as obsessed with it than we are.

    Also love the veterans. Miss ManKind, but he is on TNA, so that blows. I do like Kane, but I miss the old him as well.

    I haven't stopped watching it since, but I understand what you mean. I have gotten use to the WWE thing, but still.

    The new matches and all are weird for sure. But I believe they have those for the PG rating. I don't like the PG thing, but what can you do, its for the kids. Still a fan though. They have great bits in between that keep me watching. Are you a Santino fan?


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