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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Interview and Giveaway is on the 18!

   That is right! I finally grew a pair and asked an author for an interview and giveaway. That author is (drum roll please)...ADRIAN PHOENIX!!! That is right! The amazing author of the Maker's Song series and the recent Hoodoo series.

   Phoenix has agreed to do an interview with me on February 18th and one lucky winner will be receiving a signed copy of Etched in Bone which comes on the 22nd this month.
   So everyone mark your calendars and I hope to see you all here. Any questions or thoughts, remember to save them for Ms. Phoenix on the 18th. Can't wait!


  1. Awesomesauce!! Nice to see you found your lady balls. ;-) I'll most definitely be stopping. =)

  2. @Jen D. Thanks hon. Yeah, I am happy I found my lady balls. Can't wait to see you there hon. Thank you for the comment :)

  3. Omg Adrian Phoenix is one of my favorite authors!!! I can't WAIT for Etched in Bone!! I'll def be stopping by :)

  4. @Pamela - She is one of my favorites too. Dante is so incredible, one of my top men! Thank you for the comment hon and hope to see you :)

  5. I was immediately taken with the characters and fell in love with Dante, Heather, Lucien and Von. The creatively and interesting turns has kept me riveted the Adrian's successive books. LOL

  6. @judy4tom - Same here hon. I love that you never know where the story will take you. Real nice to be on the edge of your seat while you are reading. Glad you are as big a fan as me :)


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