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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Adrian Phoenix - Black Dust Mambo (Hoodoo #1)

'There will be times, girl, when all your magic ain't going to be enough, times when it will seem to dry up like mud under the noonday sun, or even make matters worse. . . .'

Kallie Rivière, a fiery Cajun hoodoo apprentice with a talent for trouble, finds herself smack-dab in the middle of one of those times her mentor warned her about when she visits New Orleans to attend the Hecatean Alliance's annual carnival: her hard-bodied conjurer hookup ends up dead in her blood-drenched bed. And he was killed by something that Kallie would never dream of touching - the darkest of dark juju, soul-eating juju - a black dust hex that may have been meant to kill

Now Kallie has to use every bit of hoodoo knowledge and bayou-bred mojo she possesses to clear her own name and find the killer - even as that dark sorcerer hunts Kallie and her friends. But Kallie's search for the truth soon leads her in a direction she never anticipated - back home to Bayou Cyprés Noir, and to Gabrielle LaRue, Kallie's aunt, protector, and hoodoo mentor . . . who is looking more and more like she just might be the one who wants Kallie dead.

    Anyone that knows me knows that I am a big fan of Adrian Phoenix. That is why I had to buy this book. Her Maker's Song series is one of the most amazing series I have read. But Ms. Phoenix has managed to make me love her even more with her new series Hoodoo. This was an amazing debut and I can't wait for the next book.
     This book holds nothing back. You are instantly thrown into the action and it won't let go. This book starts off with Kallie waking up next to her sexy nomad, Gage, remembering the hot night they had. But that hot night quickly turns to dread when she realizes Gage is dead. He was hexed to death. Quickly we are introduced to another nomad who is quite sexy named Layne (my new book boyfriend). Hot, tall and blonde dreads (a new little feature I enjoy) and him and Kallie have a strange connection, albeit wrong given the circumstances, but still. Layne knows something is wrong and finds out his best friend is dead and he believes Kallie to be responsible.That does change fast though, thank God, I would have hated if they didn't get along.
      We are introduced to a multitude of new characters in the first couple of chapters. All of them bring so many different levels to this book. After Layne, we are introduced to Kallie's best friend Belladonna Brown (definitely sounds like the name from a '70s blaxploitation film) and she definitely acted as such. She was one of my favorites in this book. She is hilarious and naughty, but always has Kallie's back.Then we meet Layne's ex-wife McKenna, another fiery character who acts bigger than she is (she is referred to as being a leprechaun). Then we meet Dallas, a man whore and fellow friend who was sent to spy on Kallie by her aunt who seems to be behind everything. Also Augustine, whose job is to investigate the murder and who seems like a stick-in-the-mud, but becomes quite likable.
       This book has the same format as the Maker's Song series. It is still set in the beautiful city of New Awlins (Woohoo!) and we are shown everybody's side in this story. But one thing that was different was the comedy. Maker's Song is a very dramatic and tragic series and the only release really is Von. This book has as many light moments as dark moments. It is very well balanced. One of my favorite moments in this book is the wet boxers contest naughty Belladonna judged in and got Kallie to throw the water in. 
       Something that I always love about Phoenix's work, is that you don't know where her books will go. That was definitely no exception here. You think you got a handle on things and then it takes a complete right turn. We are thrown bunches of curve balls and every one of them makes you more interested in the story. There was not a dull moment for me and the ending is proof that book 2, Black Heart Loa, is going to start with a bang.
       Overall, if you are looking for something fun, sexy, and fast paced with a plot with plenty of twists, this is the book for you. It is a great Urban Fantasy, a great suspenseful mystery, and it is about Hoodoo, which is very new to me. I hope to find others about hoodoo magic because this really peeked my interest. Highly recommended!


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  1. I'm glad you liked this one! It's the first book from this author that I've read-and really enjoyed it. I've been meaning to read her other stuff.

  2. Glad you liked it. Oh you should read Phoenix's other stuff. Not as lighthearted as this, but so worth it. And Dante is to die for :) Thanks for the comment hon :)

  3. Love the review! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it...a whole whopping 5 stars! Looks like I need to add this to my TBR list and check it out. :-) Thanks for the great review!

  4. Thanks hon and I hope you read it soon, it is awesome. Glad you liked it. Later hon :)


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