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Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Box Office Predictions 02-04-11

   I haven't done these in a while (shame on me), but thank God movies are always being made, so I can pick it back up. Unfortunately, I am not really jumping out of my seat for this weekend's choices. 
   First up is Sanctum, a film that is not, I repeat NOT by James Cameron, so do not expect any Avatar-like
special effects and insane worlds that we would leave Earth for in an instant. The film was directed by Alister Grierson (check here for more info). Grierson only has one other full length under his belt. A film named Kokoda (crickets). But apparently it has been good enough to win Australia. So I am curious to see Grierson's work here in the US, since he is sort of new to this. The film looks interesting, I won't lie, but I am not sure what could be added to the plot of this. They travel and want to explore an underwater cave. That alone is enough to freak me out. Not from the plot mind you, just being in a dark underwater cave with people you may or may not trust. But like I said, not totally crazy excited for this, but might check it out this weekend.
    Next up, The Roommate. I am definitely not excited for this because guess what? I saw this film years ago. It was named Single White Female, it came out on 1992 (check here ). The Roommate is basically the Single White Female's prequel. It is a film about a girl who gets a roommate to share for her dorm. As luck would have it, that roommate is a total psycho who is obsessed with her roommate's every move. She wants to destroy everyone  in her life just so there is her as in her roommate's life. Now I do like the premise. Love watching films about crazy psycho chicks, but this is just too closely related to ones in the past.
    My verdict: The Roommate. Why? Because this weekend is Super Bowl, so women are more likely to spend money in the theaters this weekend and this might be top choice. I can see Sanctum in the top 3, but this weekend will be tough and unfortunately, will be rough either way at theaters. So I might see Sanctum, but I think since 127 Hours finally made it in the theater and I might actually have time tomorrow, 127 Hours it is.


  1. Sanctum looks like a good movie to watch when it comes out on video! I can't justify spending the money to watch it in the theaters. The Roommate looks like it would be a little creepy, but recently with creepy films they look really scary in the previews but once you see it then you think "that was the dumbest thing I've ever seen" and you are just highly disappointed. So I'm not sure if I'll see that one at all.

    127 hours, that's the one about the hiker that has to cut is arm off right? With James Franco?

  2. Exactly my thoughts. I am with you there with the "horror" films that come out. All creepy scenes are put in the trailer and the movie itself is just...blah. I hate that because horror is one of my favorite genres :(

    That is the 127 Hours. I don't know about the arm thing though, but that is awful. Still have to see it. I love James Franco :)


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