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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Top 5 Sunday - Favorite Book Quotes

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I love this weeks' theme. I am always looking for a good quote and I think I have some good ones. So here goes nothing. I am doing these by books, not necessarily five separate quotes.

*in no particular order*

 "Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that bothering me before I had my first cup of coffee is hazardous to your health" 
"Never trust people who smile constantly. They're either selling something or not very bright"

"Everyone is happier if they have someone to look down on, as well as someone to look up to, especially if they resent both. This is not only the Beta Male strategy for survival, but the basis for capitalism, democracy, and most religions."

"Ask me if I sparkle and I’ll kill you where you stand."
"I know I'm delicious. Nummy.....nummy." 

"One day you will kiss a man you can't breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence."
"I couldn‘t tell the difference between the two of you anymore!" he roared.
I smashed my fist into his face. Lies roll off us. It‘s the truths we work hardest to silence.
“Then you weren‘t looking hard enough! I‘m the one with boobs!"
“I know you‘re the one with boobs! They‘re in my fucking face every fucking time I turn around!"

"Not only will you sleep with me, but you will say 'please.'"
I stared at him, shocked.
The smile widened. "You will say 'please' before and 'thank you' after."
Nervous laughter bubbled up. "You've gone insane. All that peroxide in your hair finally did your brain in, Goldilocks."


  1. Thanks hon, glad you like them. Thanks for the comment hon :)

  2. Great quotes! I've read 2 of the books, have Magic Bites for the Kate Daniels series sitting on my shelf so I'll eventually read book 2 and I've never even heard of the first two! Thanks for sharing. :-D

  3. @Deanna - Thanks hon. The first one is Anita Blake. She is such a smart ass, it is fun reading her quotes. Hope you start the Kate Daniels series soon, it is so good. On book 5 now. Thanks for the comment hon.


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