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Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Review: Goddess With a Blade by Lauren Dane

 Author: Lauren Dane   

 Format: Epub (Netgalley)

 Release Date: June 6, 2011

 Publisher: Carina Press

 Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Rowan Summerwaite is no ordinary woman. Physical vessel to the Celtic Goddess Brigid and raised by the leader of the Vampire Nation, she's a supercharged hunter with the power to slay any vampire who violates the age-old treaty.
A recent string of murders has her at odds with Las Vegas's new Scion, the arrogant and powerful Clive Stewart. The killings have the mark of Vampire all over them, and Rowan warns Clive to keep his people in line—or she'll mete out her own brand of justice.
Though her dealings with Clive are adversarial to say the least, Rowan is intensely aware of her attraction to him. But she can't let it distract her from her duty—to find and battle the killer before more women die.

      Ok I finished Goddess With a Blade a couple of weeks ago but couldn’t figure out the what to write. I liked the book, but I wanted more. This was a good urban fantasy, but it fell short in places. If you bring in a character in a book, please give me some story. I like knowing my characters and I didn’t feel like I knew much about some. 

     Goddess With a Blade is about a human hunter named Rowan who is possessed with the Celtic goddess Brigid. Rowan lives in a world where Vampires and Hunters (those who take down vampires if they get out of line) have come to an agreement. They have a treaty, if vampires hunt and kill humans, the hunter takes them out. So after finding the gruesome remains of a woman on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Rowan needs to talk to the vampire Scion, Clive Stewart, to get help to take down the rogue vampire. They don’t work well together even though they are attracted to each other, but they need to work fast because more and more women are being shredded to pieces.

     I like this book.  I loved the world that Dane has built Goddess With a Blade. Vampires and Hunters are in agreement for the most part and do their best to things by the rules or risk exposure to the human world.  The book starts off a bit slow but once we are really in the world, it starts to shine.

      I really enjoyed the characters in the book. Rowan was a tough ass who backed up what she said. If she said she will chop you in pieces, she really will. Problem was for me is that the book took so long to explain her backstory. We find out near the end of the book why she hates vampires. This explanation still didn’t satisfy me 100% because her foster dad, leader of the vampire nation, Theo is insanely powerful and scary. But he had reason to do what he did. I don’t like the reason, but still I just felt like there was something more there.  I also wish we got more from Theo, I found him very interesting. 

     I also like Clive. He was hot and British. The arguments between him and Rowan were fun to read, they were explosive together. My problem here, well one of my biggest problems with this book is that this book initially follows Rowan. Yet the book switches to his point of view sometimes too, but for no good reason. Whenever we get to him, he is thinking of Rowan. We don’t learn anything about Clive. All we know is that he is falling for Rowan, he is British and over 400 years old. That is it. He has a connection to Rowan dad, Theo, and he obviously hates the man. Thing is, we never find out why. What happened? What did he do to him? Why gives us Clive’s point of view when it doesn't add anything new to the story? 

    Another thing I didn’t like was the overall relationship between Clive and Rowan; if you can even call it a relationship. They had chemistry, yes. But when they first get together, it was so sudden and unromantic. She is screaming at him to open up his pants so they can go at it on his desk. Really? And that is how most of the sex scenes were between them. Just rushed and not really romantic.  They argued for a few minutes, had sex, then went right back to arguing again. There was no push and pull, no real friction. Where was the build up? Honestly they were more like sex buddies.  I actually blame Rowan more for that than Clive. I understand she was scared and all because he was a vampire, but goodness, that just didn’t work for me. I wish Dane wrote it like maybe they knew each other already and those feelings were already there type thing. But no, the first sex scene was something more like a politician with his mistress type of thing. Dane is famous for her erotica and I was just surprised that the scenes didn’t have enough passion to me.  The last scene between them was nice and it showed promise between them.  That should have been the first sex scene really.

    The storyline was great. The idea of what the rogue vampire was actually going for was pretty unique (won’t spoil it). I love the action scenes in the book and the final one between her and the vampire were pretty good.  We find out he is getting help and I had quite a time trying to figure who it was. You won’t see it coming.

     Overall, this was a good book.  I think it is worth reading at least once. Being a fan of Urban Fantasy, it was good.  But also being a PNR fan, this fell short. It isn’t PNR, so don’t go into it expecting it since you see Dane’s name. I think this would have been better if the book focused on the investigation and action and not whatever it was between Clive and Rowan. This is not supposed to be a series but I hope there will be more. I would like there to be more so we can see things more cleaned up between Clive and Rowan. I also would like to know more about Jack, Rowan’s close friend (and ex).  He is a cop that helps Rowan and knows something bigger is going on. He finds out and I want to see where the information will take him. Nonetheless, I like Goddess With a Blade, I just want to love it.


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  1. Too bad the plot sounds good.

  2. @Braine - You should check it out nonetheless. It was great plot wise, I just had a problem with the "relationship" and that we didn't get enough backstory from one of the main characters. Like I said I hope there is more. But at least check it out, it wasn't bad, that's for sure. Thanks for the comment hon :)

  3. Sounds like a good book and I'm glad you enjoyed it the first, and only time, you're going to read it. LOL. But I think I'll pass on reading it because I have so many other books people have given such high ratings on I wouldn't want to take time to read this one. I like you're review and I'm glad you share your likes and dislikes with it so people can decide it it still sounds like a book they'd really enjoy. :-)

  4. @Paperback - It was a good book, I just expected it to be great. The relationship aspect really got to me. UF and PNR are great especially when mixed together, but this was clearly more for one then the other. My point was why bother with it if there wasn't enough passion in it. I still say check it out, but if you are going to read Dane, go to her erotica stuff. Those are great. Thank you for the comment hon :)


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