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Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview and Giveaway with Adrian Phoenix!!!

*Giveaway is now closed*

I introduce to you all again one of my favorite authors, Adrian Phoenix. Phoenix is the author of the popular The Maker's Song series and the Hoodoo series. Book 2 in the Hoodoo series, Black Heart Loa, comes out June 28th. Phoenix has been generous enough to giveaway not only Black Heart Loa, but also book 1, Black Dust Mambo as a set to one winner. And to another winner, a book of their choosing from The Maker's Song series. So two lucky winners will have the chance to win from either one of these amazing series. 

Please give a warm wlecome to Adrian Phoenix

OBVB: Welcome back to Offbeat Vagabond Ms. Phoenix!
     Adrian: Thanks you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure being here again. I always have such a good time here.

OBVB: For anyone that has not read Black Dust Mambo yet, can you give a little background on what the Hoodoo series is all about?

 Adrian: My pleasure. The Hoodoo series is about Kallie Rivière, a fiery Cajun hoodoo apprentice in the Louisiana bayou, who gets caught up in mystery, murder, and the darkest of juju while attending a magical carnival in New Orleans. She also learns some very dark secrets about her family and herself. She’s accompanied by her best friend Belladonna Brown, a voodooienne with a mile of attitude. The series also involves root doctors, loas, loup garou, and nomads.

 OBVB: Now I love how different this series is to The Maker’s Song series. They are both great, but the tone to this isn’t as dark. Was that your intention when you first came up with the Hoodoo series? To have that contrast?

Adrian: I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying both series! It wasn’t so much my intention to have a contrast so much as when I came up with Kallie and her world, it was just lighter, more humorous. But I’m glad it worked out that way. It’s fun to switch between the two series

OBVB: How many books are you planning to do for the Hoodoo series?

Adrian: No end planned. Kallie and her friends could have endless adventures. So many stories to tell in that world.

OBVB: I love all the characters in Black Dust Mambo, each of them bring some many levels to the book. Do you have a favorite character? Anyone who is the most fun to write?

Adrian: They’re all fun to write, actually, since they are all so different, but I have a ton of fun with Belladonna and her pithy observations, and Augustine (I don’t want to spill too many details  in case a reader hasn’t picked up the book yet) —a ghostly gay male inhabiting the body of a sexy guy and having fun with it . . . 

OBVB: Speaking of favorite characters, is there any chance we will see more Augustine?

Adrian: Definitely. He’s in Black Heart Loa and I plan to have him in future adventures as well. He’s just too much fun to let go of.

OBVB: Where did the idea of the some of the spells come from in Black Dust Mambo? Or are those spells things you heard about while in New Orleans?

Adrian: Some of the spells I learned from various books on hoodoo and Voodoo, and some spells I made up, based on what I learned. I let my imagination grab the knowledge and run with it.

Layne's golden dreadlocks :)
OBVB: One of my favorite scenes in Black Dust Mambo was the wet boxers contest. Are we going to have any other special treats where the male characters are concerned?  

Adrian: One of my favorite scenes as well! In Black Heart Loa,      
the action doesn’t allow for an opportunity like that with the male characters (though there’s plenty of sexy scenes), but I have other things planned for the Hoodoo males in future adventures.

OBVB: I always have to ask this, but if this were made into a movie or tv show, are there any actors you can see playing your characters, especially Layne (yummy)?

Works for me. Yum!
Adrian: And I always have time picturing current actors in the roles. LOL. Just like with The Maker’s Song series, I think unknowns would have to play the parts. Except for Augustine. I totally see Rupert Everett playing him.

OBVB: Have you ever thought of giving any characters from either the Hoodoo series or The Maker’s Song series their own novel or series?                 

Adrian: I’ve thought about doing novels for Von and Lucien from The Maker’s Song series (and hope to do so one of these days). As for the Hoodoo series, I could see doing a novel about Layne and his clan.

OBVB: I read on your site that you would love to go on a paranormal investigation one day. What would your dream investigation be? What supernatural being would you love to find?

Adrian: You know, I’d be totally happy if I could experience a ghost. Just knowing that we existed beyond death would be monumental. I believe in my heart that we do, but like everyone, I have bleak moments when I question that. Of course, there’s also the question of what ghosts actually are.  My dream investigation would be any one which brought me into contact with a ghostly intelligence. 

OBVB: Can you tell us when your love of writing first originated?

Adrian: Ever since I fell in love with books and reading in elementary school. LOL. I started writing short stories and sharing them with my sisters and my friends. But it was in high school, my sophomore year, when my English teacher told me that he’d see me in print someday. He had absolutely no doubt. His words and his conviction made me realize that the flame burning in my heart, the fire that drove me to create characters and put them in situations and tell their stories, was the only flame I wanted to follow.

OBVB: Now I know you are a booklover, is there anyone new you just discovered you are keeping your eyes on? Who are you reading now?

Adrian: Well, this author is new to me—Rob Thurman. I love her books. She has three series out: The Cal Leandros novels, the Trickster books, and the Chimera books. Great writing in all three, but the Cal Leandros novels (six out currently) are amazing. I literally couldn’t put them down. Start with the first, Nightlife. You won’t be sorry.
Right now, I’m re-reading the fourth book in the series, Death Wish. I also love reading Jeri Smith-Ready, D.B. Reynolds, Jennifer Estep, J.F. Lewis, Jaye Wells, Jeaniene Frost, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, among many great authors.

OBVB: Can you give us a little taste on book 2 of the Hoodoo series, Black Heart Loa?

Adrian: You bet! Here’s a link to my site to give y’all a taste with the first two chapters

OBVB: Do you have any new projects in the works?

Adrian: As a matter of fact, I do. I’m working on a novel about two brothers, who aren’t quite human, raised by a clan of nomads to fight against an ancient evil. It’s Supernatural meets Sons of Anarchy meets Call of Cthulhu.
I also have book five of The Maker’s Song coming up: On Midnight Wings.

 OBVB: Thank you so much Adrian for revisiting OBVB. It has been amazing interviewing you again.

        Adrian: Again, it’s been my pleasure! I look forward to the next visit.

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If you aren't stalking Phoenix online, what are you waiting for:


First Prize
One winner will win a signed Hoodoo series set. Black Dust Mambo (Hoodoo #1) and Black Heart Loa (Hoodoo #2)

 Second Prize
Another winner will have the chance to win any one of the Maker's Song series books. Just choose whatever one you want.

*To enter all you have to do is leave a comment with your leave email address and tell me which prize you want (if prize two, specify book).

*Winner chosen randomly by
*Contest ends June 30th
*Open internationally


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