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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #10) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
Number in Series: 10
Format: Paperback
Pages: 644
Publisher: Jove
Release Date: September 24, 2002
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy/Horror

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Six months of celibacy have made Anita crave the two men in her life like never before. But merging their powers together will give this mortal woman a taste of immortal hunger that she'll never be able to forget...

     I am an Anita Blake fan. Though I must admit I was scared to start this because I have heard from some that Narcissus In Chains (book 10) is where things change for the worse in the series. Well, that is a thought I just don’t agree with. I loved this book and to be honest, this was actually one of my more favorite books in this amazing series.

      Narcissus In Chains starts off when Anita gets the call from Gregory, one of the wereleopards in the pack she is protecting.  He calls to tell her Nathaniel is in deep trouble and the fellow leopard responsible for him up and left him alone. But things become even worse when Anita finds out that not only Nathaniel is in trouble, but Gregory gets in trouble. Anita finds out that they are being held against their will and won’t be released until she goes to Narcissus in Chains (club) to “settle” things. 

     Like I said, I loved this book. Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard complete the ritual for their triumvirate. Unfortunately, them sharing even more power has a bigger effect on Anita. She gains a hunger from Jean-Claude, a sexual hunger, the ardeur. This is where the complaints come in. Fans have been (and still are) up in the air about the sex. Well, you know what? Get over it. I am sorry, but Anita is an adult, they are all adults. Sure Anita is no longer the celibate vixen anymore, but she still kicks more ass than anybody else. And that is what matters. 

     I really loved the storyline to this book although I am not sure what to make of Narcissus. He is not really a bad guy (I use the word “guy” loosely), but he sure as hell doesn’t help a situation. If he actually cared what was happening in his club, half the things that happen in this book would have gone very differently. But the real bad guy doesn’t show up until halfway to the book, so in hindsight, I can’t blame Narcissus. Well I can’t blame most of the weres, the bad guy gave me chills. The things he did to other weres scared the crap out of me. That is the way Hamilton knows how to do it, give us Urban Fantasy with lots of Horror.

     What I loved most about this was that we see that Anita is finally accepting her role. I read somene’s comment about reading this as a parody because she is part vampire, wereleopard, and werewolf. Obviously the person didn’t take the time out to read the series. Nonetheless, for those that don’t know, Anita is not really part anything, but because of her natural powers, she is more of a vessel. She gets her powers from Jean-Claude and Richard; with those powers she is able to do more things than any human (and some non-human). Because of Richard, she gets his rage, his beast. Because of Jean-Claude, she gets his hunger and speed and other things I can’t say because it will be a bit of a spoiler. Point is she has grown into it all. At first, she didn’t like it and clearly wasn’t comfortable with any of it, but I think this book showed how much she is willing to compromise for her and her “family”. 

     Now for what I didn’t like. Richard. Beautiful, sexy, boy scout Richard. At one point in the book, it actually seemed like he was accepting who he is supposed to be and what he is. But it was a ruse. He can’t accept it so he takes it out on Anita and becomes the biggest douche known to man.  I love Richard, but there were countless times I wanted to reach in the book and just strangle the hell out of him. That is why I was so happy Hamilton wrote in Micah. He has Anita figured out quickly, maybe because he believes she is his mate (and technically she is) and he accepts her and himself.  Instead of fighting with himself and his responsibilities (he is Alpha to the leopards in a different county or something like that), he is what he is and doesn’t blame anyone for it. Unlike Richard, who is strong and tough, but thinks it is useless because he will be a monster and he doesn’t want to be that at all. When we get to the finale in the book, what Richard chose to do (well not to do) really really pissed me off. It showed just how far he is willing to go to stop being what he is and who is he is willing to take with him, which is Jean-Claude and Anita. If one dies, the other two die along with them. 

     Overall, I enjoyed the hell out of this book. Anita hasn’t gone anywhere, she is more powerful than ever. We get more Nathaniel (which I loved), he is more a man instead of the brainless doormat he was in previous books. This book is full of lots of action and horror, all the things we expect from the series. We get a few surprises in this book that I wouldn’t have imagined and some were pretty disturbing. I hear what some have been saying and well, this series is still a favorite.  No way am I putting down this series. 


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  1. Hehehe!! YAY!! I couldn't believe how many people had such a big problem with the Anita series after this book. I generally don't like to read reviews over the Anita Blake series because I love them so much and so many people just don't understand the series at all and keep talking smack. Anyways, awesome review :D

  2. Thank you hon and I absolutely agree. People made it sound like there was no plot, just sex. But that is soooo not the case. I still love her. It really is split down the middle at this point and I am on the side that says this series still kicks ass. I already have book 11 on my wishlist at the library. Having it sent right to my iPod. I can't wait, I heard we will get more Asher, WOOHOO!!! Thanks so much hon and happy you love it as much as I do :)

  3. I only read your overall section of this since I haven't even started this series. I didn't want to read anything that would give something away. It sounds like a great series and since you've been reading it for 10 books and you still love it, I might need to pick this up sooner than later.

  4. @Deanna - i hope you do. Some people really started hating the series by book 10, but I am still for it. I can't bring myself to dislike Anita. She is the original badass chick as far as I am concerned. Hope you can start it soon. Thanks hon :)


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