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Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Review: Courting Disaster by Mahalia Levey

Author: Mahalia Levey
Format: Ebook (PDF)
Release Date: July 1, 2011
Publisher: extasybooks
Genre: Erotic-Paranormal Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Sorcha Channing is determined to achieve a positive outcome in her craft. The daunting task she undertakes lands her in over her head. With the help of her familiar Esmie—just maybe she can fix what's gone wrong.

Macsen Steele is tired of rescuing young witches from the boiling cauldron. With his enhanced and manipulated DNA, he’s only there to do his job, not fall for the beauty he's assigned to but can never have.
Temperance Card Meaning: Moderation. Unity, two separate parts merging together to make one whole entity better than the separate pieces. 

Alchemy- Fire and water don't mix. Will the two opposites be able to avert politics aiming to separate them? Or can passion and respect burn hot enough to cause a complete melt down.

     A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to review this book from the author herself, Mahalia Levey. I gladly accepted, of course. I was looking so forward to this, but as a reviewer, I must give my honest opinion. I wanted to like Courting Disaster, but it sadly fell short for me.

                    Courting Disaster is about a group of sisters that are witches, well witches in training. Our main character, Sorcha, seems to be the most daring. She raised a few zombies, but had no idea how to put them back. So she has to call the witches temporary guardian, Macsen, to save them. Macsen is a gargoyle. Gargoyles are given one purpose; protect and serve the witches. Their kind is being punished for something their ancestors have done long ago. Macsen is there to watch them while their old guardian is out for a while. He has feelings for Sorcha and vice versa. But since he is a gargoyle, them being mated is out of the question. The witches use them, but don’t stay with since they are nothing but slaves. Sorcha wants to change all of that. 

     I loved the premise of this book. I love the idea of gargoyles being nothing but second class citizens. Sorcha has a talk with her mother and it is then she learns how unfairly the gargoyles have been treated.  I love that Sorcha is the one to try and change the injustice done to them. 

     As much as I love the premise, I had quite a bit of issues with this. First off, this is a 79 page book. We meet a little over ten characters. We know they all have a story, some kind of history, but we don’t learn any of it. This book would have been better if it was scaled down with the characters and we focused mostly Macsen or Sorcha. My biggest problem was actually the villain, Bael. He is Macsen’s cousin. He is a gargoyle that lives in their dark realm. We only meet him once, but he tries to kidnap Sorcha and gets away with one of Sorcha’s sisters. Thing is, we don’t know why he wants them. He is just going around stealing them or having someone else take them.

     I also wasn’t that big of a fan of the sex scenes. They were hot, but they weren’t as romantic as I wanted them to be and they were quick. Now I am no prude. I love a good erotic romance. But even though I know Macsen and Sorcha have feelings for each other, the descriptions in the scenes and some of what was said between them wasn’t sexy. Now I have had this discussion before on Twitter with another booklover about this, about certain language used in sex scenes. When you use words like p***y or c**t, I don’t find that sexy. Those are words you use in a porno (not that I have seen a porno mind you, I am just guessing *awkward silence*). My point is, those are words you don’t use toward someone you love. At least in my opinion.  Maybe it is just me. What do you guys think?

    Another thing I wasn’t a fan of was the overall development of the plot. We don’t have much. This book is about Macsen and Sorcha and her helping him. The thing is, we are given some near the end with zombies and the kidnapping, but we don’t see it from their point of view. We focus on Sorcha and then nothing happens.  We are completely left out of the action, we are on the sidelines. And I am not sure this actually had an ending because it was incomplete. I can’t even say it was a cliffhanger because it didn’t feel like it.

     Overall, this was just okay. It may be a short story, but short stories can be complete and this wasn’t. If this was longer, I think it would have been great because again, the premise is great. But there was so much left out, so much unfinished. I hope Ms. Levey writes a sequel, there is something here, the worldbuilding is there. This is supposed to be a part of a six-part novella, so I am hoping we come back to this world and get more out of all these characters. That being said, the buildup for this fell short and I was left a bit disappointed.  


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  1. Sorry to hear the book fell short for you. But does sound like it's got some great potential and ideas here. :) Thank you!

  2. I agree about the erotic scenes, the best romance novels have fireorks coming off the pages and yeah, since it's in print, wording is IMPORTANT. It can excite or disgust the reader if not done right.

  3. So true. Language is everything! I get really picky about those especially in erotic scenes. There is sexy than there is nasty LOL! Thank you for the comments guys :)

  4. Maybe it would have been better for this to have focused on the two main characters with a little sprinkle of other Characters...just like you said. If it's supposed to be a series then that means we'll get to more information on the other characters later and only need to breifly touch on them now.

    As for the sex scene. Everyone has their own opinions on this so I'm going to just let you know my thoughts on what you said. I agree with you in some ways like when you are finally starting to sleep with someone you truly have feelings for you will not use those kinds of words. I mean, it's the first few times you are making a connection with that person and it should be sweet and loving not porno. LOL. But if you're reading a story about a couple that has been together for awhile and they need to spice up the bedroom a bit I can see these words being used...roll playing. People who have been together for awhile do things like this, you need to keep it fresh and fun...but only in the ways that person is comfortable. I hope all that makes sense. So in this aspect where you have this couple that has finaly just started sleeping with each other those words should not have been used...

    Great honest review and I'm glad that you are looking forward to trying novella #2 to see if the world building takes full shape and the writing is smoother.

  5. @Deanna - Yeah, that is what I said. But even for a short, you can still have beginning and an ending.

    I understand that people do the whole role play thing. But given that it was their first time together, It makes sense hon for sure. So hopefully the sex scenes will be better the next time around.

    Thank you hon, glad you liked it and glad I am not giving up :)

    Thank you for the comment :)


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