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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Review: One for the Money (Stephanie Plum #1) by Janet Evanovich

Author: Janet Evanovich
Series: Stephanie Plum
Number in Series: 1
Format: Audiobook
Time: 2 hrs. and 53 mins.
Narrator: Lori Petty
Release Date: December 28, 1994 (audiobook-July 1, 2004)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Genre: Mystery/Crime/Thriller/Humor

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Synopsis from Indie Bound

Welcome to Trenton, New Jersey, home to wiseguys, average Joes, and Stephanie Plum, who sports a big attitude and even bigger money problems (since losing her job as a lingerie buyer for a department store). Stephanie needs cash-fast-but times are tough, and soon she's forced to turn to the last resort of the truly desperate: family...

Stephanie lands a gig at her sleazy cousin Vinnie's bail bonding company. She's got no experience. But that doesn't matter. As does the fact that the bail jumper in question is local vice cop Joe Morelli. From the time he first looked up her dress to the time he first got into her pants, to the time Steph hit him with her father's Buick, M-o-r-e-l-l-i has spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e. And now the hot guy is in hot water-wanted for murder...

Abject poverty is a great motivator for learning new skills, but being trained in the school of hard knocks by people like psycho prizefighter Benito Ramirez isn't. Still, if Stephanie can nab Morelli in a week, she'll make a cool ten grand. All she has to do is become an expert bounty hunter overnight-and keep herself from getting killed before she gets her man...

     A name I have probably heard more times than my own, Stephanie Plum. With the new release of the seventeenth book, Smokin’ Seventeen, I thought, “I should get on this”. Proud to say I did. I see why it is such a popular series. Plum doesn’t have special powers, she isn’t supernatural, has no idea how to use a sword or a gun, but she is a great heroine because she has balls of steel. She is funny as hell and does things without thinking them through first which is even more entertaining. Chick lit isn’t my thing, but there is so much more to this and I am definitely glad I got on this wagon.

    One for the Money is about a woman named Stephanie Plum. She is just lost her lackluster job and is in danger of losing her place. Plum hears that a reward of $10000 will be given if out if a bounty hunter can find a man who is in trouble with the law. When she hears that it is an old high school fling of hers, Joe Morelli, (someone who used her and she paid back by breaking his leg with her car), she definitely thinks that it will be worth it. So she decides to become a bounty hunter pretty much overnight. But while investigating, she finds that a simple issue of finding and bringing in Morelli is a part of something far dangerous than she thought.

    I truly enjoyed the hell out of this. Unfortunately, when I downloaded this from the library, it didn’t tell me that it was the abridged audiobook. This means instead of getting the entire book (8 hours’ worth), I ended up with roughly 3 hours. So I missed a lot of content which is disappointing, but from the 3 hours that I got, I still loved it. This book was just fun and had me cracking up left and right.

    The plot was very good. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started this and that was great. Plum is a divorced young woman living in New Jersey (I will save the Jersey jokes for another time) and she is in a tough spot. She is taking on something bigger than herself and runs into a boxer who is creepy as hell. But I love how Evanovich doesn’t make this as scary as it can be. She manages to makes this lighthearted (mostly). There are scenes that will freak you out, but Evanovich doesn’t make this a horror even though she could have easily. Think of Odd Thomas, just without the supernatural creatures and with lots of laughs, then you have Stephanie Plum.

     The characters are a riot. I love Plum’s family. They are your typical overreaching, Jersey family. I love how Plum’s mom keeps telling her all about the people she should date and the jobs she should get. She never lets up. I read that her entire family is insane, but as I said, I got the abridged version, so I didn’t get much from the rest of her family members. I am definitely going to get the book because they sound like lots of fun. I really liked Morelli. He was a dog sometimes, but he was likable. I loved the interactions between him and Plum. They were truly two halves of a whole. They deserve each other, they were evenly matched. The book was also read by actress Lori Petty who did a great job bringing the Jersey in the book. It added just another level for me. 

     Overall, this book was fun. I am happy I finally got around to reading it. Couldn’t believe just how awesome this book was. It is a mixture of mystery, crime, thriller, and comedy. Great action packed plot, lovable characters, laughs and just a breath of fresh air. This is the beginning of a great relationship. Can’t wait to see more of you Ms. Plum.



  1. Ok, I'm about to leave fore work and I see you posted a review on this book and I'm seriously in shock. I seriously just said "You have got to be KIDDING me." Out loud, in my office cubical! The reason I say this is because one of my coworkers at the dispatch this past weekend was telling me about this exact series, and how wonderful it was and how I really needed to look into it and then here it is...on your blog...with a 5 star rating. Yep...I'm going to check it out. LOL. Thanks for the smack upside the head Diana! :-)

  2. OMG, I read the first fifteen books in this series two summers ago. They rocked! Couldn't get enough and had major withdrawal afterward. With sixteen, I was a bit disappointed. Don't want to give spoilers, but if you continue to read the series, you'll understand. I still bought seventeen though and I hope situations change when I have a chance to read it.

  3. I like chick lit as you call it! I always see her but never really got around to checking her out, maybe I will next time I take a break from supe stuff. You should try Shophie Kinsella too!

  4. They just get better, and better!! This is one of my favorite series, and I'm not a reader of chick lit, but I wouldn't put Plum in that category...

    SO happy you started this series. I laugh myself to tears with nearly every book.

  5. I haven't started this series, but like you I've heard about it forever. Guess I'm going to pick up book one. Sounds like fun!

  6. @Braine - It isn't the typical chick lit, but still. This was so much fun. Just got book 2 last night. Another abridged version. Oh well :( I will look into the Kinsella one, sounds interesting.

    @Kristin - That is what I heard. They get better and better. I am very happy I finally started it. You aren't lying about having tears in your eyes from laughing so hard. God this book is funny.

    @Julia - Hope you start it soon. It really is worth the hype. It is loads of fun.

    Thank you guys for the comments :)


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