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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview and Giveaway with Tessa Dawn!!!

Please give a warm welcome to author Tessa Dawn. Dawn is the author of Blood Destiny, a book I gave my highest rating to. She has been nice enough to answer some questions today and to give away a copy of Blood Destiny.


OBVB: Welcome to Offbeat Vagabond. To start things off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
TD: I’m just a huge vampire-fiction fan who gets to do what she loves full time.

OBVB: When did you make the decision to become a writer?
TD: I don’t think it was ever a decision. I began writing as soon as I could hold a pencil, and I never stopped.

OBVB: Are there any authors that inspired you?
TD: Not specifically. I just loved books and everything about them from as far back as I can remember.

OBVB: Who are you favorite authors? Any contemporary favorites?
TD: The first series I truly fell in love with was Clan of the Cave Bears by Jean Auel. In terms of contemporary favorites, I enjoy Anne Bishop, JR Ward, and Christine Feehan – just to name a few.

OBVB: Do you have a routine when you write or do you write whenever possible?
TD: I write whenever possible! :)

OBVB: Can you tell us a bit about The Blood Curse Vampire series?
TD: The series is unique due to its emphasis on the history, origin, and culture of the Vampyr race: My vamps are not undead humans who have been “made” by other vampires. They are the descendants of celestial gods and humans who mated long ago, and following the Curse (a punishment their race received for sacrificing their females to the edge of extinction), they were turned into the immortal beings they are today. They are born that way.

OBVB: I finished Blood Destiny last month and not to kiss up or anything, but this truly is one of the best books I have read. The book is full of horror and gore and the vampires are actually scary. Where did the idea for the series come from? Was it your intention to make the book so dark?
TD: Once, I figured out the history and culture of the vamps, I had to come up with a plausible explanation for such a dark, infinite, and severe curse. Long ago, I watched a documentary about a brilliant society who started sacrificing females to the gods to gain power; ultimately, they went extinct. (Can you say, “Duh!” :) ) However, it was so powerful (and disturbing) that I knew I wanted to use it for my series. And yes, the genre I prefer is “Dark Fantasy,” so the exploration of shadow is a huge part of what I write. Oh, and thank you so much for your positive review!

OBVB: Which was easier for you, coming up with the story or coming up with the characters?
TD: The basic idea of the story came first. From that, the characters emerged one by one.

OBVB: Were there any challenges when writing this book or did you just know where it was going off the back?
TD: Haha! That’s really very funny (smiles). There are always challenges (at least for me).
However, I did know where it was going from the beginning. Usually, when writing a story, I feel the emotion first – kind of like seeing (more like “feeling”) a climactic scene or struggle, and then I work backward to design a plot that takes me to that emotional place. The challenge is: The characters have minds and intentions of their own and choose to go in completely different directions. It always surprises people to hear that character-driven authors don’t choose many of the scenes and outcomes in their books. The characters do.

OBVB: How did you celebrate when your book was published?
TD: I was so tired by then that it hardly seemed real. I did have a wonderful book release party where I signed autographs until my hands hurt and met some of the most wonderful people imaginable.

OBVB: I really enjoy the cover, did you have a say in how it came together?
TD: Yes, I was lucky. There was actually a completely different cover at first (it was nice but didn’t really fit the story), but then the book was moved to another cover artist and I was able to provide input.

OBVB: When writing Blood Destiny, were there any models/actors you imagined as your characters?
TD: No. I used some characteristics from people I know and made the rest up.

OBVB: I love your characters, especially Marquis. Do you have a character who is a favorite? Anyone that was the most fun to write?
TD: This is the most popular interview question asked; unfortunately, I decided to keep my favorite vamp a secret early on (in order to avoid influencing readers) – and also because I intend to make a contest out of guessing based on clues at some point. :) But yes, I have a definite favorite. In terms of the most fun to write: Braden and Marquis.

eBook will be out on July 15th!!!
OBVB: Can you give us a little bit of information on Blood Awakening (The Blood Curse Vampire book 2)?
TD: Sure, the book will pick up where the first one left off by telling Marquis’s story. There will be a lot of twists and turns, so it’s not at all predictable. Readers will see their favorite characters again, and the plot will delve much deeper into the lives, culture, and world of the Dark Ones. Blood Awakening will be coming out this summer so stay tuned!

OBVB: Is there anything you are working on now that you can share with us?
TD: The rough draft of the third book in the series is done, so I’m starting the long, arduous process of editing. I’ve also etched out the first chapter of book four and can’t wait to dive into it.

OBVB: For any aspiring authors like me, do you have any advice to give us beginners? Anything for the fans? 
TD: Learn all that you can about the craft (the boring stuff such as punctuation, sentence-structure, and grammar are so paramount that I cannot emphasize them enough) and then follow your heart. Don’t listen too much to statistics or what works for others. In a room full of fifty-people, there are fifty different opinions: The one that matters is yours! Know WHY you write, and stay true to that purpose.

OBVB: Thank you so much for visiting Offbeat Vagabond!
TD: You’re so welcome. Thanks so much for having me.

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For more info about the author:
Tessa Dawn grew up in Colorado where she developed a deep affinity for the Rocky Mountains.  After graduating with a degree in psychology, she worked for several years in criminal justice and mental health before returning to get her Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management.

Tessa began writing as a child and composed her first full-length novel at the age of eleven. Her first published works were in the areas of poetry and education. She currently lives in the suburbs with her two children and “one very crazy cat” but hopes to someday move to the country where she can own horses and a German Shepherd.

Writing is her bliss.

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  1. I can't enter since I live in Canada, but I just wanted to leave a comment. My mom and I were actually talking about vampires the other day. I'm not one to read about vampires normally, as I find them too romanticized. The Blood Curse series sounds so different though. Will add to my TBR pile. :)

  2. I can't wait to get this seris. Where i live i only have one Hasting's and they suck.I will get them though. I will order them from Amazon when i can afford to.

  3. I cant wait to read to new book. Hopefully I can soon. First one was great

  4. I loved Blood Destiny and can hardly wait until Blood Awakening comes out. I read so many different series and books about vampires, immortals, ect. and I have to say that this has been one of my favorite!

  5. I love a good vamp read, please count me in.

  6. I just loved the firdt book. This one comes out just in time for me to take on vacation and read poolside, Can't wait!!!

  7. Can't wait to read the next book! Great interview!

  8. Blood destiny was an awesome read for me! I can't wait till Blood Awakening comes out!

  9. Great interview! Certainly made me want to read the book.

    Not taking part in giveaway since European.

  10. I loved this book and cannot wait for the second one. I downloaded it on my nook the other day and stayed up all night reading it. Thank you for another world to dive in to. Sabrina

  11. What a fabulous interview Diana! I loved your review on this book and this interview was great! Tessa has done an awesome job advertising for this book. She actually followed me on twitter and then told me I should check out her series. It's been on my TBR list forever but with all the other books I have sitting around to read I haven't been able to get to it but now I have the chance. LOL. I'm all over getting a copy of this so if feels I should be the winner then Hell to the YEAH! :-D Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Diana and Tessa!

  12. I'm curious about what mythology she used and I must say that it's very interesting. I've read a lot of rave reviews about this book and sad to say it's a little bit hard to find where I'm from.

  13. great interview! I'm super curious about this book now :)


  14. Aww, would be nice if it was a SIGNED copy! I already own the kindle version but would be nice to have a hard copy ^_^

    taurus_bully [at]

  15. Oh, and by the way, to those who are saying it's not available in their area: You can get the kindle version from amazon. It's cheaper too. You do not have to have a kindle to read the kindle version. You can get Kindle for Windows (PC) or for your phone if you have Android. Not sure what else kinda phones are supported but those two I'm positive about. So go go buy her books ^_^

  16. I so loved Tessa's books that I read both back to back. I could not stop reading till the end. She is now in my top 5 arthurs. Cheers!



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