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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie Review: Monte Carlo (2011)

Synopsis from IMDB

 A young woman, her uptight step sister and her best friend use their savings for a long anticipated dream trip to Paris, which turns out to be a big disappointment. When they decide to take a break from their lousy tour and duck into the lobby of a luxury hotel, one of them is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress. Before they get the chance to reveal their true identities they are wrapped up in misadventures during a vacation to Monte Carlo instead.

   I know, I know. This is the last and I mean the LAST movie you would have expected to see here. I hate chick flicks; they make me break out in hives. But I was forced to watch this with my cousin visiting town, so I thought, “Diana, you are a big girl. Suck up your pride and roll through it”. Well, this movie wasn’t exactly as awful as I anticipated. Problem with this movie though, it was sort of bland.

     This movie was about a young girl Grace (Selena Gomez) who just graduated high school and plans on going to France for the summer. Her parents don’t want her going alone with her best friend, Emma (Katie Cassidy) (who is tad bit older and a bit wild). So they set it up to where they have to go with Grace’s older stepsister, Meg (Leighton Meester), who is quite stuck up (and possibly an anorexic, she turned down all sorts of food in the movie and all I saw her eat were a few grapes). While one their trip to France, they lost sight of their tour bus and got stuck in France.  They end up in a very fancy hotel and Grace’s friends meet another young woman named Cordelia (also played by Selena Gomez) who looks like Grace’s twin. Through a little mix up and fun, they decide to steal Cordelia’s identity and luggage.

     Like I said, chick flicks are not my thing. I think the only one I actually truly enjoy is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and that is what this movie was aiming for, but it lacked plenty. The charm, that little sense of magic; none of that was in this movie. Honestly, I believe the only reason this movie was sent to theaters was to take advantage of showing you the places these girls visited.  But even with that, this film felt like it should have been on the Disney channel as one of their shows or something (which they have done since they have had movies with the same storyline).

    The characters weren’t that bad and there was chemistry between the characters. Gomez can actually act and I actually thought she pulled off the high class, British snob pretty well. My favorite parts in this movie were when Gomez was Cordelia because that was the only sort of tension in this movie.  Another favorite part of mine were the hot foreign guys, Theo (Pierre Boulanger) and Riley (Luke Bracey). I was the most surprised with Alicia Scott, Cordelia’s aunt (played by Catherine Tate). Besides Grace’ friends, Alicia is the only one that can tell the difference between Cordelia and Grace. But for those that don’t know, Tate is an amazing British comedian. One of the funniest women on the planet in my opinion. So when I saw her in this movie, I thought, “Finally we are getting somewhere”. But we didn’t. No comedy whatsoever from her. I mean she can act, but it was strange that her crazy personality wasn’t put in the movie. That would have made the movie more interesting to me. 

    My least favorite character was Emma’s boyfriend, Owen (Cory Monteith).  He is freaking out when Emma is about to for France. For a week! Really?! So you have trust issues or she gave you reasons not to trust her. Either way, there is something wrong with the both of you. He then goes to follow her to France. I was like if you had the money, why didn’t you go with her then if you were so worried? Nonetheless, he really overreacted. 

   I didn’t fully understand one part of the movie with Cordelia. She had a necklace, that was very expensive and was sent to Monte Carlo for an auction that would use the money to build a school. She didn’t want to part with the necklace, but it didn’t make sense to me. If you didn’t want to give up the necklace for the auction, why didn’t she just have it sent to wherever she was instead of going to Monte Carlo in the first place? I guess they just needed both Grace and Cordelia in the same room or something. I don’t know. I also couldn’t believe the girls went through with stealing Cordelia’s identity. She is a millionaire and her face is all over magazines. They were getting their pictures taken and all. What made them think that their pictures wouldn’t get shown on every magazine cover and newspaper? I really wanted to know what was the thinking.

     Overall, this wasn’t a terrible movie. But it is something we have seen from countless Disney movies and shows. There was no real tension in this movie, no hijinks or anything.  Just jealous arguing over things that happened in the past and running around beautiful cities (which I wish they showed more of). If you like chick flicks, this might be your thing. It was ok for me, surprisingly. And at least this actually has a plot unlike Transformers 3, so that is definitely something. 



  1. I remember seeing these previews and none of them really spoke to me so I had decided not to go see it. Now I'm glad that I didn't because this movie sounds kinda boring. I don't mind some chick flicks, I don't mind some teen movies but this one just doesn't do it for me. At least you gave it a try, and a better rating than transformers 3. :-)

  2. Same thing here. It just looked okay from the previews. Definitely nothing to get excited over. It was okay and trust me, you aren't missing much. And yes, better than Transformers LOL!

  3. First I've heard of this movie, but I like all three actresses and Disney movies are usually very adorable. You say it isn't terrible, so I may give it a shot!

    Natalie @ Independent Reads

  4. @Natalie - The three actresses were good, but this isn't a Disney movie though. It is Disney-like. But it had some cute parts, I will admit. Hope you enjoy it, definitely not terrible. If anything, watch for the hot guys LOL! Thanks for the comment hon :)

  5. This is actually like Hilary Duff's Lizzie Mcguire movie.

  6. @Braine - I have only seen parts of it because my younger sister was obsessed with the show. But you are right. I know there are others just like this especially those with a twin LOL!


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