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Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Review: Three To Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum #3) by Janet Evanovich

Author: Janet Evanovich
Series: Stephanie Plum
Number in Series: 3
Format: Audiobook
Time: 2 hrs. and 51 mins.
Narrator: Lori Petty
Release Date: February 14, 1997 (audiobook: July 1, 2004)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Genre: Mystery/Crime/Thriller/Humor

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Synopsis from Indie Bound

A “saintly” old candy store owner is on the lam---and bounty hunter extraordinaire Stephanie Plum is on the case. As the body count rises, Stephanie finds herself dealing with dead drug dealers and slippery fugitives on the chase of her life. And with the help of eccentric friends and family, Steph must see to it that this case doesn’t end up being her last. . . .

     Stephanie Plum has only been a bounty hunter for 5 months, but she has already earned herself a reputation as trouble magnet. But the pressure is really on for her now since she has to arrest the town’s saint, Moses (Uncle Mo). He has been Trenton’s Candy Man, owns his own shop that sells candy and ice cream to the kids and it is even known as a safe place for them to hang out. But what is supposed to be a simple bust on minor charge (carrying concealed) soon becomes explosive for Plum when Uncle Mo is beginning to look less and less like the town saint. But that doesn’t stop Uncle Mo’s supporters from showing Plum how much they don’t want Mo gone and this puts Plum in even more danger than she thought.

     Oh, how much I love this series. Again, I so regret how long it took for me to start it. I am not sure I would classify this as Chick Lit or not, but it is something I think both men and women will find entertaining. Plum is still Plum, always in the wrong place at the right time (you read that right). I love how her strange hunches send her to the correct places, even though what occurs isn’t the best of situations, it helps. I love how crazy things get. Everything seems so normal and BAM, Plum is surrounded by dead bodies, drug dealers, bullets, and a rocket launcher. Yes, a rocket launcher! 

      I got the abridged version again, but in this one there wasn’t much of Grandma Mazur which is greatly disappointing, but we do get more Lula. I really loved her. Adding more of her made up for not having a lot of Mazur (still wanted her though). She becomes Plum’s unwanted sidekick, but she was loads of fun. I couldn’t stop cracking up at the amount of things she would say to and about the criminals they needed to bust. One of my favorite scenes was when they had to catch some kid working at the mall. The fight between him and Plum/Lula was hilarious. Seeing two chicks having mustard squirted on them and trying to take down a guy in a chicken suit is just priceless. 

      We also meet some of Lula’s interesting friends who might be crazier than she is, but made this even funnier to listen to. And of course, there is Joe Morelli, but he is acting surprisingly weird around Plum. He has been after her since the beginning, but now he is acting like they are just buddies. This leads to some sexy and once again very frustrating scenes. Why Evanovich do you continue to tease us? As much as I enjoy Morelli, I am most curious about the character Ranger though. Something quite sexy about him, he definitely screams alpha and I want more. We are definitely going to see more of him.

     Don’t have much more to say without spoiling things. This book was great. This series is yet to disappoint. I can’t possibly put it down. If you haven’t started it, you must. No way can you get bored with this series. Going on ridiculous chases with some of the most unusual characters ever, plus the loads of laughs, this is a definite hit.



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this book! Read 17 not too long ago. We'll see what you think when you get to that one. ;)

  2. So glad you like this series! It's one of my faves. Trying to imagine Lori Petty as Steph Isn't it fun when you get into a series that already have a bunch out, so you can just plow through them? I hate having to wait until the next one!

  3. I need to check this and the Undead Series. I need a break from all the serious stuff. psh

  4. With your stamp of approval I will add to my reading list for sure. Though I am dying literally for book 3 from Tessa Dawn Blood Curse Series. Gawd why can't it be 2012 yet darn it.

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  6. D!!! Yay the complete series is available on our library, I can catch up with you :D Thanks for the posts, we all need a good laugh once in a while.

  7. @Jessica - I can't wait to get that far, I know book 16 wasn't your favorite though. I will be careful :)

    @Kristin - I am loving it and actually Petty is the perfect choice for Plum. She pulls off Jersey perfectly. I really wouldn't be able to listen to this if she wasn't doing it. She brings out everyone's personalities. You should give it whirl, I think you will be surprised.

    @Braine - LOL! That is why I started it. Nice to have a laugh every once in a while. I have the epub version of the first book of the Undead series in my wishlist, hope to start that too.

    @SacredMoon - Hope you like it hon. LOL! You and me both. The wait for the new Dawn book is brutal, but I will re-read them before hand, will talk the edge off.

    @Braine - Yeah they have the whole series at my library too. I hope you like them, Plum is great, but I can't wait to get your thoughts on Grandma Mazur :D

    Thank you all so much for the comments. I truly appreciate it :)


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