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Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review: Where Demons Fear to Tread (The Company of Angels #1) by Stephanie Chong

Author: Stephanie Chong
Series: The Company of Angels
Number in Series: 1
Format: ePub (Netgalley)
Release Date: August 23, 2011
Publisher: Mira
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Fledging guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St. Clair dares enter Devil's Paradise nightclub on a mission—to retrieve the wayward Hollywood "It Boy" she's assigned to protect. But she's ambushed by the club's owner, arch demon Julian Ascher. The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation who loves nothing more than corrupting pleasure–seeking humans. He won't release the lost soul Serena is supposed to guard. Unless she accepts his dangerous wager…

After the disastrous way his human life ended, Julian vowed that no woman would get the better of him again. Yet this sexy–sweet angel, smelling of fresh ocean air and happiness, triggers centuries–old feelings. Now, their high–stakes game of seduction, where angels fall from grace and where demons fear to tread, will lead them either to an eternity in hell.or a deliciously hot heaven.

     Where Demons Fear to Tread is about a newly made angel named Serena. Her first angelic mission is to save the soul of a man named Nick. Nick is a movie star. He is gorgeous and popular. He also has a drug problem and likes to sleep with prostitutes. So to watch over him, Serena visits a club named Devil’s Paradise to help him. But things take a turn when the owner of the club, a very powerful and sexy archdemon named Julian, tempts Serena. She knows she will fall if she sleeps with a demon, but there just may be a way around that.

    Stephanie Chong is a brand new author with this brand new series and honestly, I was impressed. I like the idea she brought up in this book; if angels can fall, can demons rise? That question was answered with a well written love story. The story was crazy and emotional, but that doesn’t go without saying, it had a few bumps.

    If you are looking for an amazing love story, you will find it here. But I had a problem or two with the love story. First, it took me awhile to warm up to the characters. Serena was this sweet little angel, but within three minutes of meeting and kissing Julian, she was ready to sleep with him in his office. I understand that he is the master seducer and all, but jeez woman, have some dignity. Gladly it didn’t get that far because her common sense did kick in, but still. Second, I really enjoyed Julian, he played demon very well, but he had some self-pity moments that made me want to kill him in this book. I mean, I love the idea of a demon with a heart and battling with himself really added to the story, but it sometimes got in the way and made him do stupid things. Stop with the self-loathing and fight for the woman you want.

    Some other little things I had issues with. I would have liked some more action. Not much of an issue I suppose since this is pretty much a straightforward PNR with a little UF. But this book talks about the battle between angels and demons, but we only get one scene with that and it didn’t last long. I also would have liked a more in depth view of the characters, especially Serena. We know a couple of things about her, about how she became an angel and things about her father, but I needed a little more background. Also would have like more story on Nick, the man Serena has to save. What was his last straw? When did he start doing drugs? We don’t get those little insights. I like we get more history from Julian and how even though he has done some bad things, he still holds on to his humanity, mostly. Another issue was the prologue. We get some build up there and it took so long for us to see where it went, but then fell flat. Again, wanted some sort of conflict. We do get some after this particular scene that made me really like Julian.

    Now even though I have some complaints, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this. Like I said, the love story was amazing. I didn’t like the way it started; Julian basically took Serena hostage, but where it ended was amazing. I love how things grow between them, how much they have in common. I enjoyed our main villain Corbin who was the devil’s go-to guy. Just wish we had more of him. Wasn’t such a fan of Lucianna. She was an idiot. She blames Julian for her problems, but after we hear the story, everything was her fault. So I don’t understand why she hates him so much. Then again, she wasn’t stable, at all. I also thought Nick was a good character and thought how sweet it was with his feelings for Serena, but it didn’t end the way I wanted. Well, it didn’t end. Definitely can’t wait to see more with that.

     Overall, this was a great read. It definitely had some rollercoasters going on that drove me crazy, in a good way. I liked the characters, specifically Julian. I think if Damon from The Vampire Diaries had a demon counterpart, it would be Julian. Yeah, he was that kind of fun, likeable bad guy. I truly recommend this book to PNR fans. It is sexy and pretty naughty. I love a good temptation story and boy did this hit the mark. This is a great story full of love and redemption.


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  1. angels and demon love story that plot does sound promising.

  2. Oh it is very promising. Be warned, the characters might annoy you at times, but they grow on you. I definitely want more Julian LOL! Thanks for the comment hon :)

  3. This one is on the pile, but it's now closer to the top! Thanks for the great review!

  4. Wonderful review. :) I've been seeing this one around and starting to like what I'm hearing. :) Thank you!!

  5. Great review Diana! This one does sound like an interesting read! I mean, a demon being able to rise? I've never even thought of it that way. :-) Hmmm...I might need to check this one out for sure. Even with the issues you had with it you enjoyed it overall and that is promising. :-D


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