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Monday, September 26, 2011

Trailer Evaluation: One For the Money (2012)

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     Wow, it has been a a while since I have done one of these. Nonetheless, everyone knows I am not the biggest Katherine Heigl fan. So when I heard she was going to play one of the most popular female characters, Stephanie Plum, let's say I wasn't thrilled. So I just found out that there is a trailer for One For the Money, book 1 in the Stephanie Plum series. I just found out about it (thanks Cimmaron). I must admit, it doesn't look bad. Even the trailer follows parts of the book well.

     But what do you guys think? Do you think it is well cast? After seeing it all together, seems they did a good job which was my initial complaint. I can already tell Mazur will cause a storm (WOOHOO!) I guess my only issue is still Heigl. Hope this follows the romance correctly and not along with her usual movies. Oh God please none of that!


  1. Oh, I hadn't seen that before. Thanks for sharing. I think Heigl will be able to pull it off, but I'm not sure about the guys they picked for Morelli and Ranger. I guess I'll have to see it when it comes out.

  2. I agree about the guys too. But at least they will be nice to look at. Good Lord, they are HOT! I am actually rooting for Ranger. I heard there will be some sort of love triangle between him, Morelli, Ranger and Plum. I can't wait to find out. Thanks for the comment hon :)

  3. I'm still a little skeptical about Katherine playing Stephanie. She just doesn't look (or sound) like Jersey Girl, Stephanie. Even with the 'Jersey' accent it's just now convincing enough for me. From what I saw in the trailer, it seemed to follow the story.

    I wish they had gotten the Rock to play Ranger. He's who I pictured while I was reading all those books.

    Also, I wish they had someone else playing Grandma Mazur. Maybe someone like Betty White or Cloris Leachman would have been great.

  4. @Cimmaron - LOL! You said what I said. Heigl just isn't convincing enough to play Plum. Actually she doesn't even sound Jersey at all in that trailer. God, why didn't that have Bullock like originally planned? I can't say it enough, she would have been perfect for this role.

    Oh I never even thought of the Rock. Now you said, it is going to be in my head now. The Rock would have be great for this, he is good with comedies

    LOL! I said Betty White too. But the actress they chose isn't bad. From the trailer, she seems a little nuts and Mazur is definitely nuts. I am with you, still skeptical, but it looks better than I thought. Then again, they always take the best parts and put them in a trailer LOL! Thanks for the comment hon, I knew we were basically thinking the same thing LOL!

  5. I think Heigl will be great, Sandra Bullock would have been fine, 10 years ago, she's too old now. I'm not convinced about that dude they got to play Morelli either.

    Is it just me or did they make the movie seem overly hokey? I'm sort of afraid it'll seem to ridiculous and people who haven't read the books won't give it a chance and they'll never make more movies.

  6. @Hey Lady - I don't think Bullock is too old LOL! I have seen a lot of these actors on tv shows than movies which is part of the reason I am on the fence about the guy playing Morelli. I mean he has been great on the shows I have seen, but still.

    That is the word I was thinking of. I don't hate the trailer, but there is something about it. Hokey is a great word. I agree, but I hope that people that haven't read the book still give it a chance. I know I will even though I am skeptical. Thanks for the comment hon :)

  7. Hey Diana! I've nominated you for the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger award! You can find details here:

    Have a great day! :)

  8. OH.MY.GOD!!!!! Diana thanks so much for posting this trailer! I haven't been able to star the Stephanie Plumb series but you know what, I think I'm going to have to read book one before the release of this! I'm going to have to check my reviews and such around the time this movie is supposed to come out. I think it might be the kicker I needed. This looks hilarious!

  9. Oh I hope you start it soon. I am happy that it at least looks like they followed the book. I will definitely be checking the reviews. But let's face it, the books will always be better LOL! Thanks for the comment hon :)


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