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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter Review: Pinky Promise? (Ch. 3-5) by Natalie Valdes

Author: Natalie Valdes
Format: Ebook (PDF)
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads

A Supernatural Young Adult Romance:

Do you believe in heaven or hell? Angels or Demons? Ghosts, or even second chances at life?

Losing someone is one of the hardest things imaginable, for Jaylynn-first it was her father-and then it was him. The one that had been her first love, the one that had given her the highest hopes towards a wonderful future together, forever.

He, who had promised her he would never leave her just as her father had. Jace, the war hero.

High School senior, Jaylynn doesn't know how to cope with this new loss, and when Jagger-a boy that reminds her entirely too much of Jace enters her world- trouble will brew as secrets and mysteries are unraveled.

This book will be posted as a blog story on my blog by chapter two weeks at a time, in September the full edition will be available for order.

    Finally got around to reading more chapters from this great book. We get more and more into Jaylynn's anger towards Jagger. The similarities between him and the love of her life, Jace, are even more staggering. But she is now beginning to that maybe she has been overreacting. And she is also starting to see that Jace wasn't the perfect boyfriend she thought he was.

    I am really loving this book. Every chapter seems to reveal a new secret and boy do we get a big one. I love how Jay's friends did their best to get her out of her slump even Melissa who I think is a bit selfish. We also discover that Jagger isn't completely unaware of the phenomenon. I truly believed he didn't know, but he does. And I love how everyone seems to feel some familiarity to him. When Jagger is around Jay's friends and family, they all take a liking to him immediately especially Jay's mother. So they feel it, but they don't know it yet. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. I really want to see Jay warm up to Jagger and I really want to see how he will reveal his big secret. All of these are for free and I hope you guys are taking advantage of it. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. @Braine - Actually she hasn't posted anything since October. She has been on Twitter. Happy you are enjoying them hon. I can't wait for more. Thanks for the comment hon :)


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