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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Indie Book Review: Risking Eternity - A Vampire Romance Novella (Timeshifters #1) by Gwenan Haines

Author: Gwenan Haines
Format: ePub
Release Date: November 23, 2011
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 96
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

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Synopsis from Goodreads

After a childhood spent watching her psychic mother struggle to make a living reading tarot cards in their shabby New Orleans apartment, Hayden Farrell isn't taken in by much. As far as she's concerned, the only thing extraordinary about this world is people's willingness to put their faith in things that don't exist. For the past decade she's believed in one thing: being a cop. But when teen-age prostitutes start turning up dead, the Boston homicide detective is forced to do something she hasn't done since she fled Louisiana. To catch the killer she's got to trust a stranger whose version of reality threatens to destroy her own.

Valentin Grigorievich has wanted revenge since London's most notorious serial killer betrayed him more than a century earlier. To get it, he needs Hayden's help--and maybe her life as well. While Valentin may be immune to her good looks he finds it increasingly difficult to resist the dark connection that binds them. Will the vampire's plan give him the satisfaction he craves or rob him of his soul mate?

This paranormal suspense novella is the first book in the Timeshifters series (forthcoming 2012)

   I got a request to review this book a few weeks back and again I am so shocked that I get asked to do reviews. And even better, I come across some pretty amazing stuff and this was definitely one of them.  This was a 96 page short story that was satisfying from beginning to end.

   Risking Eternity follows a cop named Hayden. She is on the case of the murder of a teenage prostitute who was killed and left in front of a church. Thing is the girl was drained of blood and she had puncture holes in her neck. Hayden doesn’t believe in vampires (or anything supernatural because of her conning mother), but she has a feeling that is what killed the girl. Valentin needs Hayden to help him without her thinking he is the murderer of the young girls around town. She is suspicious of him, but can’t help but trust him. For some reason, they have a connection that goes beyond the physical, but they have no time to explore it because there is a serial killer on the loose and they both have an agenda.

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read and gave me a glimpse of everything. Now, as most short stories do, we don’t have a complete story of everyone and everything. We do get some backstory on our main characters, but not enough. I still liked them though. But as I said, I usually expect short backgrounds from short stories. The plot was interesting. Valentin offers Hayden his help and info on the killer, but he has his own plans for Hayden where the killer is concerned.  I loved how Haines used some history in this book.  It really added another level to the plot. I won’t spoil it, but I think you will like it. It definitely makes the villain more relatable is a weird sense. I really liked the villain; he really played quite the part near the end of the book and made things extra difficult for Valentin. The man was the very definition of cunning.

    My biggest complaint was Valentin. Well not much of a complaint, but he made me a bit angry. When we learn what he wanted Hayden for, it sort of pissed me off. He has an attraction to her, but he still sort of treats her like nothing, all for the sake of revenge. But there is something more going on with him because after he accomplishes what he wants, he plans to sleep for 100 years. So something big is coming, but we don’t know what yet. I guess he had to be cold. Still, he isn’t the nicest vampire in the world (that is a weird statement). I can’t wait to read what his story is because he obviously knows something and it scares him.

    Overall, this is a great start to a series. There is much more to this story, but it is a prequel. So remember, it is just getting your feet wet. It flowed well and Haines is a fantastic writer. I both love and hate how this ended. I understand because Hayden truly needs to clear things up with her mother, but I also wanted that HEA. But I know there will be more to come and I am very excited for the sequel.



  1. Great review Diana! I'm so happy that so many of these free books/novellas to review turn out to being such good ones for you!! (P.S. I LOVE your new rating system stars!!)

  2. Hey hon. So glad you liked it. It was a very good read. I am really excited for book 2, well book 1, this was more of a prequel I believe. Still very good. Glad you like the new system, I wanted something that fit the blog more, what better than neon stars? LOL! Thank you for the comment hon :)


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