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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stephen Prosapio's Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum Blog Tour: Guest Blog + Giveaway

Hello fellow OBVB viewers. I have with me here today author Stephen Prosapio. He is here on tour for his incredible novel, Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum  (just in case you missed the big banner above LOL) Nonetheless, Prosapio wrote us an amazing post about a day in the life of Zach Kalusky, our protagionist.  Then keep reading for a chance to win this amazing book and more from Prosapio himself. So please give Prosapio a warm welcome.

Guest Post by Stephen Prosapio

A Day on the Set of Xavier Paranormal Investigators – Journal of Zach Kalusky

Rosewood Asylum Investigation Day Two

9:30 AM – A busy morning! Ray woke me with good news (he and Turk had discovered video evidence of a full-bodied apparition) and better news (he’d bought me a Café Americano).

10:30 AM – Interview done with Tricia. I sure hope she doesn’t release it too early. We could end up on G’morning Chi-town.
See transcript of interview

11:15 – Something is not as it seems here at Rosewood and I don’t just mean in terms of the paranormal activity. My investigator Shelly just showed me something that really disturbs me. Combining that with what Ray discovered and other things I’ve observed, it’s clear someone/s on this case is/are actively trying to falsify evidence.  OH how that angers me! Deep breaths. Deep breaths. It’s not time for an episode now. I could just see that.

Anyway, I need to get to the bottom of this. And fast.

11:35 – I’m not sure which annoys me more:  having to lie to someone or being lied to. Being lied to hurts like being stabbed when you find out but heals faster. Lying, at least for me, is insidious.

12:15 – Ahhh back to being centered. Trips to St. Francis of Assisi always do that for me!  :-)

12:55 – Arrived early to Muses and met a gorgeous girl. I’ll jot down what happened:
From behind me I hear, “Decaf at this hour?”
There stood a black lady with a slim figure but wide hips was smiling at me. She was short, about my age, maybe a couple of years younger.
“I thought that was you,” she said. “Zach?”
I hardly ever forget a face and I wouldn’t have forgotten this one.
“You don’t know me,” she verified, “but I’m one of your biggest fans. I hope that doesn’t sound too cliché.”
“No, not at all,” I lied. “What’s your name?”
“Oh, God. How rude of me!” She rolled her eyes, and her smile turned to one of embarrassment. She held out her hand. “My name’s Chelsea.”
I took her hand. Soft. Welcoming, but firm. She asked me for a couple of autographs, thanked me and then handed me a folded piece of paper that appeared to have been torn from a notebook.
“It’s my phone number,” she said boldly. Then her voice cracked a bit. “Ya know, in case you ever need a date to an awards show or something...”
Ebony skin or not, she was blushing. A thin layer of perspiration had formed on her forehead as well.
I thanked her, but I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say! Other fans and even clients had flirted with me. This was different—she was hot!

3:15 – I need to say this (but don’t make it part of the official record):  Sara is clattering over every nerve I have!!!!!!!

4:25 – It looks as though I’ll need to induce an episode to solve this mystery. Not something I’d wanted to do. This will likely be my last journal entry for the day. I’m amazed at the amount of historical research our historian Wendy has done, but I’m deeply disturbed with the lack of focused results our investigation has thus far produced. There are a lot of experiences to classify and hopefully this thing all comes together soon. It hasn’t helped that the perpetrators of false evidence (which we most certainly did not need!) have diverted our attention away from true areas of exploration.

I hope this journal has given you a peek into Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum. See you soon!


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