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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #4: Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel

Discussion announcement and info here: BookWhore

This is the last week of the Foolish Games discussion. I am so happy I gave this book a chance. It was such a thrilling read. I am working on my review for this and can't wait to check out everyone else's. Thanks to all who participated. It has been so much fun chatting with the ladies about this book. You guys really made it all even more fun. And thank you Leah Spigel for providing the book and I can't wait to see more from you.

Mon 6th 1-3
Mon 13th 4-7
Mon 20th 8-11
Mon 27th 12-14
28th Linkz and review will be posted


Chapters 12-14

1) If you could change anything about the story what would it be?

The only thing I would change is that I would have made it longer LOL! But the only thing I would have changed was what happened to the Grimm Reaper. I won't spoil it, but I would have liked that to have been a little longer specifically. I did love that scene, I was on the edge of my seat with that scene, so intense. I would have liked a face-to-face between him and Hawkins. I loved this book though. Everything wrapped up well. I usually don't read Contemporary Romance especially if it is YA, but this was sweet and thrilling all at once. This was an amazing coming of age story as well. It was nice seeing Joie grow in this book, seeing her break out of her shell. It was also nice to see a different side to Hawkins. He was a little standoffish at first, but I love him even more.

2) What was your favorite part in this book?

Oh that is a great question. I love the surprise of the band having a stalker. It added another layer to the story. I love when Hawkins and Joie stop their bickering and realize they are perfect together. But I do like the bickering, it makes them more fun in my opinion. I loved the scene when Hawkins was mocking Joie reading a book while at his concert. I just thought it was pretty funny. I love their first date. It was so sweet before it was cut short. I would love Hawkins as a boyfriend. I also love all of Riley's scenes LOL!

3) What did you think about the ending?

I love the ending. Everything worked out the way it should. I even forgave Lizzie. It was nice to see that she knew how ridiculous she has been acting and apologized for what she did. I really thought I would hate her until the end given that even after facing death, she was still mean and selfish. I am glad she had a change of heart. I loved Hawkins even more when he did what he did for Joie when the final plan went through. If that is not love, I don't know what is. And I love that it definitely looks like something is blooming between Riley and Harlow. FINALLY!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beth Ann Masarik's The World Among Us Blog Tour: Character Chat + Giveaway + Scavenger Hunt

Please give a warm welcome to Beth Ann Masarik. She is the author of The World Among Us (Prince of Darkness #1), an incredible PNR full of demons, gods, and vampires. Masarik has been amazing enough to give you guys a chance to win this book as well and a $100 gift pack. So read Masarik's great character chat between Arianna and Emily and find out how you can win some amazing stuff.

Take it away Ms. Masarik!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Diana!  It is a pleasure and a real treat for me to be here!  For those of you returning, welcome back!  You all have been troopers! Today, I am going to be chatting with Arianna Aysel & Emily Smith from The World Among Us.  They both wanted to be a part of today’s post, and I didn’t have the heart to say no to either one of them.  Without further adieu, I give you this week’s Character Chat J (which by the way, is a meme I started on my blog

Character Chat

I sat around the coffee table in the living room of my apartment with two beautiful women.  We sat on the couch and loveseat, with our teacups in hand.  I smiled warmly at Arianna and Emily.  Arianna had long, curly, blond hair and blue eyes, while Emily had long, brown hair and hazel eyes. They had just arrived at my apartment, and were settling down in their seats.

“It’s so good to see you ladies.  How are you both doing?  You must be exhausted after everything you’ve been through,” I asked as I crossed my legs.
“You could say that again,” Arianna said as she sipped from her mug.
“Is there an end in sight with this war, Beth?  I’d like to live a normal life again,” Emily asked.

I fell silent as I listened to their questions.  I felt bad for what I was putting them through. I mean, constant battles with demons and power-hungry gods?  It would be enough to make anyone go nuts.

“There is an ending coming soon, but I don’t know when, ladies. I am sorry.  It’s all up to my Muse and what she wants to do. I am only her dictator,” I replied with knots in my stomach.

Emily frowned, and Arianna narrowed her eyes.  “So you mean to tell me, I am going to be running into more demons?  Great…just great.  Do you have any idea on how difficult it is to protect not only Selene, but my human husband as well?  Oh! And what is up with that Beth?  Why is Andrew a human?  A stupid weak human!” Arianna shouted as she flailed her arms in exasperation.

“Unfortunately, Arianna, that is exactly what I am saying, and, give Andrew some credit, will you?” I asked getting slightly annoyed at her.  “Andrew isn’t weak.  Besides, he’s your husband! Don’t you dare talk about him like that,” I scolded.  “It’s all part of the story.  I promise there is an ending in sight.  It’s just going to take me a while to get to it.”

“We understand, Beth,” Emily said softly and turned her attention to Arianna.  “Please don’t talk about Andrew that way, Ari,” she said.  “He’s a great guy, and you know it!  He puts up with your B.S., and has to deal with all those demons.  I have to say, I think he’s doing a kick-butt job with protecting you and Selene for what limits he has.”
I watched the two girls go back and forth as if it were a tennis match.  I was stunned to listen to Emily speak like that.  I had to say, she was one of my favorite people to be around, and deserved a round of applause.

“Whoa, OK ladies.  Where is the love?” I asked as my heart beat nervously against my chest.

Arianna shot me a glare, sighed and then recoiled deeper into her chair from embarrassment.  Her cheeks were now a deep shade of red from emotion, and her blue eyes tried to avoid mine, but failed.  Once she and I locked eyes, she frowned and mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK Arianna,” I said gently.  “I understand that you are under a lot of stress.  If anyone knows what it’s like to be under stress, it’s me.  I have books to write, a part time job, PLUS a magazine to run. Oh, and did I mention that I’m getting MARRIED this year?  So on top of all of that, I have a wedding to plan.”

Arianna’s eyes widened, and she got up and rushed over to me and glomped me.  Yes, I just got glomped by one of my own characters! 

“OH MY GOSH THAT’S SO GREAT!  CONGRATULATIONS,” Arianna squealed.  “Emily, did you know this?” Arianna asked as she hugged me tightly.

“I did, but, only because I’d heard rumors through the grape vine,” Emily replied with a giggle.  “Well, since you are such a busy lady, Beth, we won’t keep you. But please, don’t make us wait too much longer!  We all miss you!”

“Don’t worry ladies!  You won’t have to wait too much longer. My tour is almost over, and I will be back to “normal” soon enough!  Thank you for stopping by,” I said as I gave them both another hug.

“Bye,” they both said in unison and Arianna teleported themselves out of my apartment.

Well, there you have it folks!  That was this week’s character chat.  It was a short one, I know, but I didn’t want to bore you guys with too long of a post J.

Now, I am doing something special for you all. Since this is the last week of my tour, I am giving away some pretty epic prizes.  Keep reading to find out what I am giving away and how you can enter it!


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I am offering:
An ebook of The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness
A bookmark
An autographed poster
A pin

The last time I had you tell me who your favorite character was in any mythology legend.  Now, I want you to FIND ME A PICTURE of your favorite character/god/creature in any mythology legend.  Please send your entries to by February 29.  If you do, you will be entered to win a gift pack valued at about $100 dollars.  This prize pack included: an autographed copy of The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness by me and the illustrator, a never before seen picture of Selene & Damien, a totebag, a personalized mug, & a keychain, plus the stuff listed above.  Pretty sweet huh? The winner of the scavenger hunt will be announced on March 4th. GOOD LUCK!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #3: Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel

Discussion announcement and info here: BookWhore

I know I am starting this late, but I am having computer issues. I have to start everything from scratch. But I will get things done soon enough. Nonetheless, this is my favorite part of the book so far. It is sexy and action packed and a lot of things are coming to light. Oh man, I can't believe how intense this is getting.

Mon 6th 1-3
Mon 13th 4-7
Mon 20th 8-11
Mon 27th 12-14
28th Linkz and review will be posted


Chapters 8-11:

1) Joie's life is in danger and safety is easy, all Lizzie has to do is give up her social security number. Of course Lizzie is being selfish as always, if you were in Joie's shoes would you ditch Lizzie, or stay by her side? Why or Why not?

Joie is way too good to Lizzie. I would have ditched Lizzie even before the road trip. She is not worth it. Even with all that they have been through so far and finding out Joe almost died, Lizzie can't find a way to even care about Joie's life!!! Everyone knows I don't like Lizzie, she is too self-absorbed. But now I see she is the devil in a mini-skirt. I hate her.

2) After discovering the dead body in the SUV parked next to the van, would you have stayed on tour or gone home? 

I would have stayed on tour. This guy is tracking them. I would not want him near my family in my home. I would be better off knowing there are real bodyguards with guns around to protect me. I just know my chances would be worse at home and I would risk more people. So tour it is.

3) Learning about Joie's past love and how Lizzie and Riley stood by her side and protected her, do you understand a little better why Joie keep Lizzie around?

I don't understand it still. And from the sound of it, it seems like Riley helped more. But whatever help Lizzie lent then, she crushed it all with the way she revealed it. So underhanded and mean.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Amy Lignor's Until Next Time Blog Tour: Guest Blog + Giveaway

Hello everyone! Here with me today is also author Amy Lignor. Her new book, Until Next Time (The Angel Chronicles #1) just came out and today she will be discussing how she became an writer. Lignor also has a giveaway set for you guys. One lucky winner will win a copy of Until Next Time that has been voted one of the most desired reads of 2012. So join us and see how you can win this incredible book.

Guest Post by Amy Lignor

My Journey

Believe it or not, my writing journey began at the age of twelve when my parents, sister and I went on vacation to Cape Cod and stayed with friends of my mom’s.  This was one of those vacations where Folsom Prison would’ve seemed like paradise.  The little ladies we stayed with had a house where, once their cat went “nightsie,” all lights, talking, TV - everything had to stop - so as not to disturb the kitty.   These ladies would take us into town (driving three miles an hour the whole way, and blaring their horn at pedestrians in the crosswalk), while my sister and I were locked in the back of the station wagon with faces pressed up against the glass.  Drivers going by must’ve thought we were puppies going to get fixed, considering the looks of pure desperation we had on our faces.  Because TV was unavailable, I began to write.  It was a fairly large book for a kid called, My Life:  A Comedy and a Tragedy.

In my freshman year of high school, a writing assignment came along from our history teacher about Nicholas & Alexandra.  I was the only one who wrote about Rasputin (who actually appears in one of my Tallent & Lowery adventure novels).  The teacher loved it and told me to become a writer.  She was so cute.  Four-foot-two, hair that hung to the floor and a voice that was louder than Lady Ga Ga stuck in a blender. 

I went on to write my first YA novel (Mind Made), after I brought a stunning little girl into the world named Shelby.  One day we went to the ‘grand opening’ of an Inn located in my very small hometown.  I picked up a coffee table book and pages began to fall out of it.  Seeing as how this place looked like it would charge guests a million dollars to stay there, I figured I’d just destroyed some priceless work of art.  When I reached down to pick up one of the photographs, it was of a girl standing outside the Inn back in the early 1900’s. The tagline read, The Connecticut Home for Imbeciles, and she was leaning against a road sign that read, ‘Dip.’  That girl looked up at me with eyes that literally said “Run!” and very soon after, my daughter and I fled. 

I went back to my historical routes and delved into a subject that hadn’t been touched on before concerning a woman by the name of Paulita Maxwell who was said to have been the mother of Billy the Kid’s son.  I moved to New Mexico to research the project and my book, Heart of a Legend, was born.

I love putting puzzles together from history with my Tallent & Lowery series. With the first book, 13, I had to find a way to link the NYPL with Jack the Ripper, Loch Ness, and the King Arthur legend - which was a whole lot of fun. 

When my father was taken away from us far too soon I began thinking about angels, and what life was like ‘up there’ versus down here.  Would an angel/warrior ‘team’ be able to survive humanity, fight for them, and stay together all at the same time?  The Angel Chronicles answers that question. 

So, in the end, I guess I owe my writing to a cat who had to go “nightsie.”


Stalk Amy Lignor here:


More information at Goodreads

One winner will win an ebook copy of Until Next Time (The Angel Chronicles #1) by Amy Lignor. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

C.S. Splitter’s The Willing Blog Tour: Guest Blog + Blurb + Giveaway

Hello everyone! I have two great authors here with me today. The first today is the very talented and funny, C.S. Splitter. He is on tour with book 2 in his Crayder Chronicles series, The Willing. Splitter has written an incredible post for you guys today and he is giving away two ebook copies of The Willing. So check this out and see how you can win this awesome book.

Guest Post by C.S. Splitter

My Take on Storytelling

Fiction writers are liars and manipulators.

Think about it: We are telling you this long, detailed story that NEVER REALLY HAPPENED.

I lived in Texas for a couple years and was surprised at how just tall some of the tales Texans told got to be.  Most of their stories started out with, “So, there I was...”  and just got more unlikely from there.  And while they were usually entertaining stories, one day I got frustrated with a particularly colorful character I knew there who constantly told such outlandish stories.  I looked him square in the eye and asked with all the accusation I could muster, “Did that really happen?”

He said in his drawl, “Well, if it didn't happen that way, it should have.”  He even had the audacity to smile when he said it.  Shortly thereafter, I learned that he was actually a successful writer (though I never did learn his pen name).

That's what writers do.  We tell outlandish tales and if we do it well, we make the reader believe that if the things in our books did not happen, they should have because the story was so good.

But we cannot just come out and tell a straight forward story.  Nope, that's no fun.  Instead, we make you think the story is going one direction or that a character is a certain way, and then we delight in showing you how wrong your assumptions were.  Of course, we gave you those assumptions to begin with so we were really just playing with your head the whole time.

That's what happens in the books I like to read too.  I am like a dog who runs after the imaginary stick that my sadistic master never actually threw.  I fall for it every time and that's part of the fun.  Who cares if the author is being sadistic, I still get to run and wag my tail.  So, that is sort of how I picture my readers when I write a book, too.  They know I am going to try to manipulate their perceptions and they willingly go along with it anyway because that is how the game is played.

One of the best ways to have fun with the reader is to lead them in one direction and make them think that you are going to play the game the same old way.  They are just waiting and anticipating the “plot twist” that they know is coming...and then you don't twist the plot.

It is like that scene out of Princess Bride:  “I know that you know that I know that you know...”

At that point, you have used the reader's assumptions against them.  When you see it written that way, it sounds mean.  It sounds manipulative. However, that is what makes a good story.  Have you ever watched the first five minutes of a movie and just KNEW how it would end?  You sit through the whole thing without ever deviating from your original assumption and, in the end, discover you were right all along.

That's a bad movie and I bet you could name a few.  The movie was not necessarily bad because the story was bad.  The movie was bad because the story was TOLD poorly.  You got no surprises along the way.

One of the oldest mechanical toys, that works to this day for kids, is the Jack in the Box.  You turn the handle it it plays a tune.  Sometimes, when the right note is struck, the lid flies open and Jack pops out.  Other times, he stays hidden and, invariably, the child keeps turning the handle until he does which point they giggle with glee and clap their hands.

As humans, we love surprises even when the surprise is that there was no surprise.  It's all in the delivery.

Maybe you, as readers, will like my stories and maybe you won't.  But, I promise that you will get a surprise or two along the way.  You may not like all the decisions my characters make and you likely will not agree with them all, but Jack will pop out at you once in the while.  I promise.

Oh, and if you now have Pop Goes the Weasel stuck in your see my point.



Stalk C.S. Splitter here:


The Reluctant blurb:

Action, adventure, suspense, and thriller in one story told with a liberal dose of humor.

Tom’s problems are not unique. His business is failing and his wife has to work too many hours to make ends meet. He is under some rather large financial pressures and wants more from his marriage and his life.

He finds his respite in the air as a private pilot. Unfortunately for Tom, he is behind on payments for his plane and is forced to take odd jobs from a local crime boss. Tom is no criminal, but the errands he is running are just slightly on the wrong side of the law and the money is almost good enough to allow him to make his plane payments.

Just as things begin to come under some semblance of control, he meets a woman who just might represent the adventure he seeks. He soon discovers that appearances, and beautiful women, can sometimes be deceiving.

“The Reluctant” is the first in the Crayder Chronicles series and yet is a stand alone story with a satisfying conclusion of its own.

Buy The Reluctant (Crayder Chronicles #1) here:
Amazon  (It’s FREE!)


More info at Goodreads

The Willing Blurb:

Book Two in "The Crayder Chronicles"

How far would you go to protect your friends and family?

Tom Crayder is the All-American guy next door with a business, a wife, a son, a mortgage, and an expensive hobby. He is also a politically incorrect, wisecracking operative working for a shadowy organization dedicated to administering justice outside of a broken system. Not even his wife knows of his other life when she finds herself unwittingly involved in a drug war.

Strap in with Tom as he navigates his way through the strata of a drug cartel. Lock and load with Lorena, a hard-hearted assassin, as she lends her deadly skills to Tom’s fight for his family. Sit back to watch Tom and Lorena figure out how to work together without killing each other.

Join the rest of the cast from "The Reluctant (Crayder Chronicles)" as they pitch in to track down the hitmen that threaten their associate.

Some mysteries are solved. Some questions are answered. Some live. Some die.

There will be 2 winners for this giveaway!
Two winners will each get an ebook copy of The Willing (Crayder  Chronicles #2). Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Winner of the Banshee Charmer Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations to Frankiness Aligada! You won an ecopy of Banshee Charmer by Tiffany Allee. I have sent you an email. Please respond within 3 days to confirm or prize will go to runner-up. Big thasnk to all who participated and an even bigger thanks to Tiffany Allee for letting me interview her. I had a lot of fun. Also want to thank Stacey O'Neale for all her help and for introducing me to this amazing author. Thanks so much and congrats again hon. I hope to see you all again very soon.

BookWhore Book Club Week #2: Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel

Discussion announcement and info here: BookWhore

Welcome to Week 2 of BookWhore's Book Club. This book has taken a turn I didn't see coming. If you have read this, I am dying to hear what you thought. Join us is this amazing discussion.

Mon 6th 1-3
Mon 13th 4-7
Mon 20th 8-11
Mon 27th 12-14
28th Linkz and review will be posted
Chapters 4-7:
1. If you were in Joie's shoe's after reading the first article in the magazine would you have responded with a blog post? 
As I have said before, I like a good argument LOL! Seriously though, I wouldn't sit around and have him calling me mental to the whole world and not say anything. I definitely would give him a piece of my mind. 

2. During the story Riley is left out from backstage on a regular basis. Last week a lot of you respond favorably to Riley. How do you feel about Riley being left out constantly?
I don't like it, but he doesn't seem to want to be apart of the drama. But I don't like him being so left out though. It could have something to do with running into his crush. But yes, I would love more Riley. I love Riley!

3. What do you think about the route the story has started to take with the "Grimm Reaper"? 
I don't read a lot of Contemporary Romance books, but I wanted to give this a try because it seemed really nice and fun. But the story of the Grimm Reaper is very interesting. This is a turn I didn't see coming at all. It is scary, but very exciting.
4. On last weeks post Tiffany, Diana, and myself had a great time posting links to the pictures of guys who we pictured Hawkins to be. I want you to post links to pictures of the guys you have pictured as Hawkins. If you don't have a "Hawkins" you can Google just comment on our pics/picks. 
Okay, someone else I can see as Hawkins is Kit Harington. He plays Jon from Game of Thrones. He can pull off the rock star look for sure. Just give him blue eyes. What do you ladies think?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Excerpt + Giveaway with Jessica Subject!!!

Please welcome back my good friend and author, Jessica Subject. She has two blog tours going on right now and today is the last for them both. I am the last stop on the Never Gonna Let You Go Tour. It is a sexy Science Fiction/Dystopian F/F and M/F romance novella. And the lovely Mrs. Subject is awesome enough to give you guys a trailer, an excerpt, and a giveaway for you guys! So please check it out and see how you can win this amazing book.

Never Gonna Let You Go Blurb

Caught in a tangle of lies, Calla Jacobs must sort through the truth to discover where she truly belongs. A biologist for Planet Core, she finds herself ensnared in a web of deceit. Sent to Airondelle, she must work with a team to prepare the newly discovered planet for colonists from Earth. But the mission does not go as she expected. Her former lover, Erik Edwards, shuns her, sending Calla into the arms of Melina Holloway, their commander, for the attention she craves and more. A confrontation among the trio leaves her with a broken heart, and fleeing from the two people she trusted most.

Attempting to break free from the lies that bind her, she discovers Planet Core has deceived everyone. And when she returns to Earth, Calla learns just how far Planet Core’s control reaches.


Calla needed a shower. No, something more. She needed to scrub herself clean of the situation. Her heart had just been massacred twice over. She needed to wash the hurt away, scour away the memories before she could move on and finish the mission.
Only one body of water had been found during their time on Airondelle—a large pond among a thick outcropping of crancait bushes. She hurried toward it, dropping Melina’s blanket along the way, desperate to shed the feelings she had for the woman along with it.
She didn’t care if one of those feline-like creatures came after her. Being ripped to shreds would hurt less than the ache from the double betrayal. After pushing through the bushes, she dove into the pond. Water pierced her bare skin. The cooler temperature only reinforced the cold callousness of those who’d just stomped all over her. Immersing herself over and over, she could only think of Melina’s words, I was the best you’ve ever had. How could Erik have said those words? Why did Erik and Melina both want to destroy her?
She fled the water. A cool breeze left goose bumps across her body. Nothing would fix the situation. Never again. Her career with Planet Core was over. She would never be able to return to this planet without remembering. Even back home, her apartment reminded her of Erik. That’s how she’d made it through training without him. And she couldn’t yet afford another place. Leaving the city meant returning to her parents, and she would never go home again.
Damn them all. She would offer herself to the predators of Airondelle. No one would miss her. No one loved her anyway—not the way she’d loved them because if they had, they wouldn’t have treated her like dirt. Thinking about her past experiences, she realized she’d only been a means to an end for everyone she’d ever cared about.
The bushes rustled behind her. Perfect. I won’t have to wait much longer. She sat down and hugged her knees, waiting for her worthless life to end. 

Book Trailer


 About Jessica E. Subject

Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

Stalk Jessica Subject


Read my review for Never Gonna Let You Go HERE


Purchase links from Decadent Publishing and multiple publishers here:


Giveaway Time!!

Winner will be announced on February 11th! 

As part of the Never Gonna Let You Go blog tour, Jessica is giving away a $20 gift certificate to either or Simply leave a comment with your email address for your chance to WIN! Be sure to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

Indie Book Review: Never Gonna Let You Go (The Underground #1) by Jessica E. Subject

Author: Jessica E. Subject
Series: The Underground
Number in Series: 1
Format: PDF
Pages: 54
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian/GLBT/Erotic Romance

Buy here:

Synopsis from Goodreads

Caught in a tangle of lies, Calla Jacobs must sort through the truth to discover where she truly belongs. A biologist for Planet Core, she finds herself ensnared in a web of deceit. Sent to Airondelle, she must work with a team to prepare the newly discovered planet for colonists from Earth. But the mission does not go as she expected. Her former lover, Erik Edwards, shuns her, sending Calla into the arms of Melina Holloway, their commander, for the attention she craves and more. A confrontation among the trio leaves her with a broken heart, and fleeing from the two people she trusted most.

Attempting to break free from the lies that bind her, she discovers Planet Core has deceived everyone. And when she returns to Earth, Calla learns just how far Planet Core’s control reaches.

     Never Gonna Let You Go is about a woman named Calla. Calla and her crew have been sent to the planet Airondelle on a mission to prepare the planet for people from Earth. Their main rule: no sex with anyone unless you are married to that someone. This is easy for Calla since her team consists of the man who broke her heart and once loved, Erik and his ex-wife Melina who is also the team’s commander. Erik and Calla used to be the best of friends while on Earth, but after Erik’s brief marriage to Melina, he has been crude and distant. Melina then befriends Calla, she says Erik may be pissed, but that is now reason they can’t be friends. What seems like a simple friendship quickly becomes something more as Calla trusts Melina and her words despite the rule. But Calla soon finds out that not only is Melina hiding secrets, but the very company that sent them to Airondelle is not as respectful as they would like them to believe.

     Now I love Jessica and her work. I have read everything she has done so far and love it all. Her stories are so beautiful and hard to put down. But I must admit, this was my favorite one. Being I am a sucker for a good conspiracy, I was foaming at the mouth with this story. It definitely took a turn I didn’t see coming. What at first looked like an evil slag getting between two people that have loved each other forever, quickly became a story about the very foundation that sent these people on a mission, ripping their lives apart. Not only is the planet Airondelle is trouble, but so is Earth and Planet Core is at the center of it all. Goodness, what an exciting plot. Just gives me chills thinking about it.

     The characters were great. All of them face terrible torment that we discover later on in the story and makes the all more likeable because of their sacrifices. I felt so sorry for Calla. It seemed as though everyone used her and thrown her aside once they were done. We see that all that happened with Melina would have been it and it was very heartbreaking. Erik was such a jerk, but we learn why he was and you feel for him as well. His guilt was all he had to offer Calla really. Melina’s surprised me the most. I won’t reveal any of this because it is a bit of a spoiler, but you will understand it.

     I really don’t want to spoil this for anyone, but trust me, this is a great short story that I know lots of people will enjoy. I can’t wait to see what is next in this series. Calla and Erik are hiding for their lives Underground (a place only rumored to exist) and they are planning something huge. I am desperate to find out what it is. For a short story, I got a little bit of all I could want. My only complaint is that I wish I got more of the worlds they were in, specifically what happened to Earth. But there is enough mystery here to keep me at the edge of my seat and like I said, I am very anxious for more. Check this out and thank you Jessica for once again gracing me with you awesomeness.


*This book belongs to the following challenges*
Dead Book Darling's 2012 Short Story Challenge

Monday, February 6, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #1: Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel

Discussion announcement and info here: BookWhore

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first week of February Bookwhore Book Club!! I am excited and I hope you are to. Please answer the questions in the comments section. If you have some thoughts or questions or anything you want to add please also leave those in the comments section below, for discussion.

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Chapters 1-3

1. Your thoughts on each character:
~Hawkins: I love Hawkins. He cracks me up. He is definitely mysterious and I think the reason he teases Joie so much is because she sees right through him. I can't wait to see where all this goes. I see some major book boyfriend potential coming on here. YAY!

~Lizzie: Um...yeah. Not a fan. This is the sort of girl that will stab you in the back if you are the center of attention. Her head is way too far up her own ass. I really don;t see how Joie and Riley put up with her. So far, I haven't seen any friend-like qualities at all.

~Riley: Oh I am definitely a Riley fan. He is hilarious and a great friend. I see why him and Joie are such good friends. He has her back. It also doesn't hurt that he is hot.

~Joie: I love Joie. She is a girl that will be who she is no matter. I like that she isn't someone like Lizzie that will do anything to get noticed. She is witty and I like that she doesn't take Hawkins crap. Definitely an interesting match.

2. What do you think about the friendship between Joie and Lizzie?
As I said before, I am not sure this is a "friendship" per se. They know each other well and hang out, but Lizzie really rubs me the wrong way. I don't trust her. At the end of chapter 3, we start to see some jealously coming from Lizzie. Hawkins is clearly showing some signs towards Joie and is getting the attention. This happens after Lizzie declares she wants him even though she is banging the drummer. I say, Joie run as fast as you can! Lizzie is trouble. 

3. When Hawkins tells Joie that they are not safe around the band what do you think he was implying? Do you think Lizzie might be in danger? 
I think there is something with the other guys in his band or the other band that Kosic manages. I definitely think Lizzie will get herself in trouble because all she sees is hot, rich and famous. I don't like Kosic, after the drinking incident, I found that so odd. And I know Joie did as well because she brought it up. I thought Kosic was nice at first, but now, I am very suspicious.

Movie Review: Hugo (2011)

Synopsis from IMDB

Hugo is an orphan boy living in the walls of a train station in the 1930s in Paris. He fixes clocks and other gadgets as he learned to from his father and uncle. The only thing that he has left that connects him to his father is an automaton that doesn't work; Hugo has to find its heart-shaped key. On his adventures, he meets with a cranky old man who works in the train station and his adventure-seeking god-daughter. Hugo finds that they have a surprising connection to his father and the automaton, and as he discovers it, the old man starts remembering his past and his significance to the world of film-making.

     Hugo is about a little orphan boy named Hugo (Asa Butterfield) who lives in the walls of a train station in Paris. No one knows he is there of course. All Hugo does is steal and fixes the clocks that run in the station. It was Hugo’s father’s job before he died in a terrible accident. But before Hugo’s dad (Jude Law) died, Hugo and him were working on a man-shaped robot. Hugo continued to work on the robot after his dad died, stole the parts he needed from the old man, Georges (Ben Kingsley), that owned a fun little toy store in the station. The one thing missing though was a heart-shaped key to get it started. Sadly, Hugo can’t find it. The hunt for the key however reveals a connection between the old man and the robot and the past he tried to bury; his life in the film industry. His imagination and work buried because his passion diminished.

     I want to ask Scorsese one question: Why the hell don’t you make more children’s movies? This was brilliant. I looooved this movie so much. The movie and the story was so beautiful, I was in tears in the end. I did not see any of that coming. I love how the plot progresses. Hugo goes from being a poor boy in danger of being sent to an orphanage by the station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen). He is fighting to stay in the train station and keep his father’s work alive.

     I love the characters in this movie. Hugo was a smart little boy fighting to keep his father’s livelihood alive. He wants to discover the secret behind the robot. I think he feels his dad’s spirit might be inside it. Instead, there is a connection between the robot and Georges. He befriends Georges’s granddaughter (or niece, honestly can’t remember), Isabella (Chloe Grace Moretz), and her adventurous mind starts the revelation Hugo needed. She was one of my favorites; she was a booklover that saw between the lines. I love that we see a change in the station inspector. He was such a huge jerk in this movie, taking every orphan child and sending them off to the orphanage.

     But what makes this film truly incredible is the message. This film reminds you why you love film so much. It truly is magic and that is what is important. Georges finds his passion again for the art and seeing him share his love of film brought a tear to my eye. This is a movie lover’s dream come true. Again, there will be tears. Any movie lover would fall in love with this and I definitely did.

     Watch this movie! It had everything I could want including the Martin Scorsese; one of my favorite directors in the world. Seeing this amount and love put into a film is too amazing. I am sure you know this movie has been nominated for eleven Oscars this year, including Best Picture. I will not be surprised if this wins Best Picture. It is so nice to see a kid’s movie not made by Pixar get a Best Picture nom. I loooooove Pixar, don’t get me wrong, but when it isn’t animated, family movies don’t make it anywhere. This will definitely be something new. Highly recommended!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review: Invincible (Chronicles of Nick #2) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: Chronicles of Nick
Number in Series: 2
Format: Audiobook
Time: 7 hrs. and 2 mins.
Narrator: Holter Graham
Release Date: March 22, 2011
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Genre:Young Adult/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction
Buy here:

Synopsis from Goodreads

Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse...

Nick Gautier’s day just keeps getting better and better. Yeah, he survived the zombie attacks, only to wake up and find himself enslaved to a world of shapeshifters and demons out to claim his soul.

His new principal thinks he’s even more of a hoodlum than the last one, his coach is trying to recruit him to things he can’t even mention and the girl he’s not seeing, but is, has secrets that terrify him.

But more than that, he’s being groomed by the darkest of powers and if he doesn’t learn how to raise the dead by the end of the week, he will become one of them...
    Oh my goodness, Invincible was just as good as the first one. I finished this audiobook immediately after Infinity a month ago. This story is still stuck in my head and book 3, Infamous, comes out in March! Another book I know will be added to my favorites list.

    Invincible picks up immediately where Infinity left off. Nicks has recently found out everyone he knows is some supernatural creature of some kind. He now also knows that his mom now works for and with a whole group of them. This, of course, has Nick a little on edge. If that wasn’t enough, he is becoming friends with Death. Things seem to be looking up though; Nick is finally back on the football team. But it seems his new coach has drafted him for far more than playing football. Just another day in New Orleans.

    It is impossible not to love this series. It is just so frakking amazing. The characters are even more incredible this time around. Nick is still to die for. A great hero, who is strong, unsure, and has a tongue too sharp for his own good. We get deeper into Kody’s story and see what her role really is in all of this. It is pretty amazing and I like that it is more complicated than I thought. I love how she questions herself when it comes to Nick. It lets us know she will fight for him to become a better man and not what he is destined to be. Definitely can’t wait to see how this will pan out.

    And we get more of Nick and his mom. Like I said about Infinity, one of the most beautiful things about the book is Nick’s love for his mother. He would do anything for her, it is just so nice. He gets her get a job (with Kyrian’s help) after she loses it (because of him), but she doesn’t know she is working with supernatural creatures yet. I am looking forward to seeing how long Nick can keep this a secret from her and what her reaction would be.

   I love how the plot develops in this book. Nick’s school has a new coach that wants Nick to steal from his fellow classmates. If he doesn’t, Nick may or may not die “by accident”. The coach needs very specific items from these students, not copies that could be easily bought. When we find out what it is really all about and what this coach has done to get it, it is beyond anything I could have imagined. I love where this went and what we learn. Why the hell isn’t this a tv show already or something? 

    I love Invincible just as much as I loved Infinity. This book was a tad more serious than the first because we get more story not only from the main characters, but some of the very memorable side characters. My favorite was the story of why Bubba watches Oprah. I was listening to this part in my car driving home and I was in tears driving down the street. You literally go from crying one second to laughing the next. If you haven’t read anything from Kenyon, I urge you to. This is truly all I could ask for in a book and the fact that it is YA makes it even better. And as I said in my Infinity review, get the audiobook for the amazing narrator Holter Graham. If you are reading this, can you marry me?