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Sunday, February 26, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #3: Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel

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I know I am starting this late, but I am having computer issues. I have to start everything from scratch. But I will get things done soon enough. Nonetheless, this is my favorite part of the book so far. It is sexy and action packed and a lot of things are coming to light. Oh man, I can't believe how intense this is getting.

Mon 6th 1-3
Mon 13th 4-7
Mon 20th 8-11
Mon 27th 12-14
28th Linkz and review will be posted


Chapters 8-11:

1) Joie's life is in danger and safety is easy, all Lizzie has to do is give up her social security number. Of course Lizzie is being selfish as always, if you were in Joie's shoes would you ditch Lizzie, or stay by her side? Why or Why not?

Joie is way too good to Lizzie. I would have ditched Lizzie even before the road trip. She is not worth it. Even with all that they have been through so far and finding out Joe almost died, Lizzie can't find a way to even care about Joie's life!!! Everyone knows I don't like Lizzie, she is too self-absorbed. But now I see she is the devil in a mini-skirt. I hate her.

2) After discovering the dead body in the SUV parked next to the van, would you have stayed on tour or gone home? 

I would have stayed on tour. This guy is tracking them. I would not want him near my family in my home. I would be better off knowing there are real bodyguards with guns around to protect me. I just know my chances would be worse at home and I would risk more people. So tour it is.

3) Learning about Joie's past love and how Lizzie and Riley stood by her side and protected her, do you understand a little better why Joie keep Lizzie around?

I don't understand it still. And from the sound of it, it seems like Riley helped more. But whatever help Lizzie lent then, she crushed it all with the way she revealed it. So underhanded and mean.

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