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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

C.S. Splitter’s The Willing Blog Tour: Guest Blog + Blurb + Giveaway

Hello everyone! I have two great authors here with me today. The first today is the very talented and funny, C.S. Splitter. He is on tour with book 2 in his Crayder Chronicles series, The Willing. Splitter has written an incredible post for you guys today and he is giving away two ebook copies of The Willing. So check this out and see how you can win this awesome book.

Guest Post by C.S. Splitter

My Take on Storytelling

Fiction writers are liars and manipulators.

Think about it: We are telling you this long, detailed story that NEVER REALLY HAPPENED.

I lived in Texas for a couple years and was surprised at how just tall some of the tales Texans told got to be.  Most of their stories started out with, “So, there I was...”  and just got more unlikely from there.  And while they were usually entertaining stories, one day I got frustrated with a particularly colorful character I knew there who constantly told such outlandish stories.  I looked him square in the eye and asked with all the accusation I could muster, “Did that really happen?”

He said in his drawl, “Well, if it didn't happen that way, it should have.”  He even had the audacity to smile when he said it.  Shortly thereafter, I learned that he was actually a successful writer (though I never did learn his pen name).

That's what writers do.  We tell outlandish tales and if we do it well, we make the reader believe that if the things in our books did not happen, they should have because the story was so good.

But we cannot just come out and tell a straight forward story.  Nope, that's no fun.  Instead, we make you think the story is going one direction or that a character is a certain way, and then we delight in showing you how wrong your assumptions were.  Of course, we gave you those assumptions to begin with so we were really just playing with your head the whole time.

That's what happens in the books I like to read too.  I am like a dog who runs after the imaginary stick that my sadistic master never actually threw.  I fall for it every time and that's part of the fun.  Who cares if the author is being sadistic, I still get to run and wag my tail.  So, that is sort of how I picture my readers when I write a book, too.  They know I am going to try to manipulate their perceptions and they willingly go along with it anyway because that is how the game is played.

One of the best ways to have fun with the reader is to lead them in one direction and make them think that you are going to play the game the same old way.  They are just waiting and anticipating the “plot twist” that they know is coming...and then you don't twist the plot.

It is like that scene out of Princess Bride:  “I know that you know that I know that you know...”

At that point, you have used the reader's assumptions against them.  When you see it written that way, it sounds mean.  It sounds manipulative. However, that is what makes a good story.  Have you ever watched the first five minutes of a movie and just KNEW how it would end?  You sit through the whole thing without ever deviating from your original assumption and, in the end, discover you were right all along.

That's a bad movie and I bet you could name a few.  The movie was not necessarily bad because the story was bad.  The movie was bad because the story was TOLD poorly.  You got no surprises along the way.

One of the oldest mechanical toys, that works to this day for kids, is the Jack in the Box.  You turn the handle it it plays a tune.  Sometimes, when the right note is struck, the lid flies open and Jack pops out.  Other times, he stays hidden and, invariably, the child keeps turning the handle until he does which point they giggle with glee and clap their hands.

As humans, we love surprises even when the surprise is that there was no surprise.  It's all in the delivery.

Maybe you, as readers, will like my stories and maybe you won't.  But, I promise that you will get a surprise or two along the way.  You may not like all the decisions my characters make and you likely will not agree with them all, but Jack will pop out at you once in the while.  I promise.

Oh, and if you now have Pop Goes the Weasel stuck in your see my point.



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The Reluctant blurb:

Action, adventure, suspense, and thriller in one story told with a liberal dose of humor.

Tom’s problems are not unique. His business is failing and his wife has to work too many hours to make ends meet. He is under some rather large financial pressures and wants more from his marriage and his life.

He finds his respite in the air as a private pilot. Unfortunately for Tom, he is behind on payments for his plane and is forced to take odd jobs from a local crime boss. Tom is no criminal, but the errands he is running are just slightly on the wrong side of the law and the money is almost good enough to allow him to make his plane payments.

Just as things begin to come under some semblance of control, he meets a woman who just might represent the adventure he seeks. He soon discovers that appearances, and beautiful women, can sometimes be deceiving.

“The Reluctant” is the first in the Crayder Chronicles series and yet is a stand alone story with a satisfying conclusion of its own.

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The Willing Blurb:

Book Two in "The Crayder Chronicles"

How far would you go to protect your friends and family?

Tom Crayder is the All-American guy next door with a business, a wife, a son, a mortgage, and an expensive hobby. He is also a politically incorrect, wisecracking operative working for a shadowy organization dedicated to administering justice outside of a broken system. Not even his wife knows of his other life when she finds herself unwittingly involved in a drug war.

Strap in with Tom as he navigates his way through the strata of a drug cartel. Lock and load with Lorena, a hard-hearted assassin, as she lends her deadly skills to Tom’s fight for his family. Sit back to watch Tom and Lorena figure out how to work together without killing each other.

Join the rest of the cast from "The Reluctant (Crayder Chronicles)" as they pitch in to track down the hitmen that threaten their associate.

Some mysteries are solved. Some questions are answered. Some live. Some die.

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  1. Splitter--You never cease to surprise me--even when the surprise is that there is NO surprise!

  2. always write such great posts :)


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