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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Tiffany Allee!!!

Hello my fellow booklovers! I am so glad to have Tiffanny Alle here today. Allee is a brand new author and her debut book Banshee Charmer. Allee has been nice enough to stop by and to give you guys an ebook version of her great book. So if you are a fan of UF/PNR, love a kickass heroine and a gorgeous leading man; then you should check this out.

    OBVB: Hello Tiffany, welcome to Offbeat Vagabond. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

TA: First of all, thank you so much for having me here! I am a corporate soldier turned author. While I have been a writer since I can remember, I only started writing for publication a couple of years ago. I am a cat lover (dogs too, but my cats would kill me if I adopted one), and am happily married. We live in the land of constant heat and sunshine (Arizona), and recently relocated here from Chicago. Where it is much, much colder.

   OBVB: When did you discover writing was your passion?

TA: I have always loved reading and writing. As a kid I would write stories, and the habit carried into adulthood. I also loved to plan and worldbuild as a child. I can't tell you how many maps I drew out when I was really into epic fantasy, haha.

As for writing for publication, I've only been focusing on that for the last couple of years. But when I commit to something, I do it wholeheartedly. So I've spent many, many hours writing with that focus in mind during the last couple of years.

         OBVB: Who are you currently reading right now?
TA: I am working my way through Rachel Firasek's Curse of the Phoenix series—great stories. I recently finished Regan Summer's Don't Bite the Messenger (wonderful novella), and I am finishing Haruki Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. I also recently started Neil Gaiman's American Gods.
              OBVB: Who are your favorite authors? Who are your influences?

TA: I love so many authors, but off the top of my head I would have to say that Stacia Kane is my favorite—her Downside Ghosts series is gut-wrenching and wonderful. I also love Ilona Andrews, Kim Harrison, and Karen Marie Moning. Also Patricia Briggs. Too many to list really, I could go on like this all day!

      OBVB: Your debut book, Banshee Charmer, just released January 21st. How do you feel now that it is out there for everyone to read?

TA: My emotions are all over the board to be honest. I'm bouncing off the walls excited that it's out, and deathly afraid of what people will think of it. I swing back and forth between extremes, and I'm looking forward to calming down about it so I can sleep again, haha. 

      OBVB: I just finished reading Banshee Charmer and I really enjoyed it. Where did the idea for it come from?

TA: Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The idea came from an amalgam of my love for paranormal romance and urban fantasy, which entwined with my many hours spent watching far too many cop shows.

      OBVB: Can you give us some insight about Banshee Charmer? What is it about for those who have not read it yet?

TA: Well the official blurb probably explains it better than I can on the fly, but it's essentially about a half-banshee detective trying to solve her partner's murder with the help of a sexy, mysterious man—putting herself in danger in the process. It is a mixture of romance, mystery, police procedural, and fantasy.

       OBVB: I really enjoyed your characters. Who did you have the most fun creating?

TA: Oh they were all pretty fun, but I really enjoyed Aidan. I love his sly sense of humor and of course his excessive hotness. *fans herself*

        OBVB: Any models/actors you imagine as your characters specifically Aidan?

TA: Well after reading another blog post about Banshee Charmer, I'm specifically picturing Cole from Charmed. Haha. Really though, for Aidan I had more a picture in my head than a real actor in mind as I wrote him. But I think Julian McMahon would do a fine job in the role.

              OBVB:Do you have any new projects coming up? A sequel perhaps *fingers crossed*?

TA: There are currently four novellas planned for the series (yay!). The second is slated for release in April. The next book will feature the succubus Marisol as the main character, as she tries to retrieve something very important to her that was stolen. Book three will be released in July with book four in October.

I also have another paranormal romance novelette coming out in June called Once Prey, Twice Forsaken. It features a newly made vampire on the run from a hunter trying to take her down—a hunter who proves to be her long lost love.

              OBVB: If you can be any paranormal creature, what would it be?

TA: If I were a paranormal creature in world of Banshee Charmer, I think I would choose to be a witch. Their powers are fairly versatile. Although a vampire would be fun—lots of power there. Hmm…being a succubus could be really fun, too. Gosh, can I just be an amalgam of all three?

    OBVB: Last but not least, since it is just a few weeks into the new year, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you make any and how are they going?

TA: Oh boy, those things. You know, I actually try to avoid making them because it seems like it always jinxes me, haha. But I have resolved to exercise more this year, and write more than last year. So far, so good.

OBVB: Congratulations on your new and first book release. Thank you so much for visiting Offbeat Vagabond, I hope to have you back soon.

TA: Thank you so much for having me!


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  1. I don't think I've read a book like this one before. I'm surely going to give it a try since Diana loved it. Thank for the giveaway hon! DeAnna S.

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  3. Wonderful interview. :) Thank you for sharing. :) And looks like a very good book.

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  6. Thank you all for entering the giveaway! Best of luck to you all. I hope that you enjoy the story. :)


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