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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: Banshee Charmer (From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency #1) by Tiffany Allee

Author: Tiffany Allee
Series: From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency
Number in Series: 1
Format: PDF
Pages: 159
 Release Date: January 24, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal Romance

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Synopsis from Goodreads 

When she’s sent to a crime scene and finds her second dead woman in as many weeks, half-banshee detective Kiera “Mac” McLoughlin is convinced a serial killer is on the loose. Incubi are extinct, her boss insists. But what else can kill a woman in the throes of pleasure? When her partner is murdered after using witchcraft to locate the killer and Mac is thrown off the case, her frustration turns to desperation.

Certain the killer is an incubus, Mac works behind her department’s back to chase down slim, sometimes perilous leads. While the killer eludes her, she does discover handsome Aidan Byrne, an investigative counterpart from the enigmatic Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. Mac typically runs her investigations fast and hard, but with Aidan at her side, she’s running this one “hot” as well. But Aidan knows more than he’s letting on—something that could shatter their blazing romance and add Mac to the killer’s growing body count…

   Banshee Charmer is about a woman named Kiera, but everyone calls her Mac. She is a homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department, specifically the Freak Division. She takes care of the supernatural cases. You see, the world knows about the paranormal. The witches, vampires, demons and more live and work out in the open. The case Mac is working on involves women drained not of their blood, but of their energy. Problem is, it might be the work of an incubus, a supernatural creature that no one believes in because they went into extinction a very long time ago. So Mac's hands are tied. And worse, a sexy OWEA agent winds up in her house to help her, but is he trustworthy? Mac doesn't know that either.

    I was asked by Stacey O'Neale to review this book. I jumped at the chance since the book sounded so interesting. And it definitely was. This is Tiffany Allee's first book and she did a phenomenal job. The characters were great and had depth. Mac is a great heroine. She takes care of business and doesn't take a lot of crap. Aidan was hot and charming. This book was 137 pages long and Allee managed to get such an incredible chemistry between her leads. They were heating up the pages, let me tell you.

    I liked the plot. I won't lie, I figured out the secret halfway through. It was predictable. That doesn't take away from the story, mind you. You still want to know where the secret plays into the story. I was still at the edge of my seat. But I do this a lot. You don't want to watch Castle or any cop show/movie with me. I always figure it out before anyone. Ever watch that super sad Sean Penn movie, Mystic River? I knew who the killer was in the first half hour. Trust me, no one would have thought of it. Sorry about the rambling there. Nonetheless, predictability is pretty much my only compliant.

     This is a wonderful debut by Tiffany Allee. The world is incredible and well put together. I definitely got lost in this book. You really get a lot for a book that is a little over 100 pages. That is always my compliant with short stories, we don't get enough depth or they don't feel layered enough, this definitely doesn't fit that mold. Allee manages to mix police procedural, urban fantasy, mystery and paranormal romance beautifully. Allee is clearly talented and I will be keeping my eyes on her. You should do the same.


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  1. 137 pages! I think I got my copy from you but haven't gotten round to it. But since you mentioned that it's novella length, I'll read it today. I need something to cleanse my reading palate and this sounds like IT.

    P.S. How did you like Deceived? Did you get my BDB invite? I hope you could join :) and finally you got the little share buttons!



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