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Monday, March 12, 2012

Indie Book Review: Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel

Author: Leah Spiegel
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 442
Publisher: Createspace/Self-Published
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary Romance/Mystery

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Synopsis from Goodreads:

Falling in love was the last thing Joie had on her mind when she was thrown into the marketing scandal intended to boost the Grimm Brothers Band's declining sales. Joie thought she knew the players of the game; she was the writer, J.T. Hawkins was the famous rock star, and Lizzie was her beautiful cover to the world. That was until a psychopathic stalker, who seemed to be three steps ahead of everyone else and calling all the shots, upped the stakes. In a situation where many different kinds of games were being played, Joie had to figure out if or who was bluffing because her life. . . and her heart, might very well depend on it.

     Joie is fresh out of high school, she doesn't know what she wants to do now that she is out of high school. Her mother is scared that she won't make anyhing of herself. So for the summer, to get out of the house, Joie and her best friends go on a road trip to follow their favorite band. One of her friends, Riley, is a professional blogger. It is his job to write about the famous band. So one night while joining her other friend Lizzie who is hooking up with one of the band members, the leader, Hawkins, make a snide comment that Joie doesn't take lying down. This tiny conflict quickly spirals into a fun back and forth between both sides that puts everyone and everything in the spotlight. Unfortunately, this spotlight attracts the attention of a psycho whose mission is to hurt the band and everyone they know. 

     I have been trying to expand my horizons this year. Everyone knows that I pretty much breath anything supernatural. But fellow book blogger and friend, Danielle at BookWhore Blog, started a book club for this book and I thought why not. Contemporary Romance is a genre I don't normally gravitate to, but I am so glad I gave this a chance. I love finding books that surprise me in such a great way. Definitely unexpected. 

     I love this book. It started off like a fun, sweet read perfect for February and it turned into a murder/mystery just like that. Foolish Games is incredibly layered. This is not some simple love story. You would have never guessed by the looks of the cover, which is beautiful, but this book packs a punch. I won't spoil it, but this book is full of secrets and conspiracies. It will keep you on the edge of you seat for sure. Trying to find the connection is very exciting and will keep you guessing until the end. 

     We have plenty of characters to love and some not to love. Joie is a great lead character. I said if this were to be made into a movie, I could see Emma Stone playing her part. She is witty, spunky, and isn't afraid to say what is on her mind. I loved Hawkins. I wish I could find a guy like him. The verbal attacks between Joie and Hawkins were so entertaining. They definitely suit each other. Riley was definitely a fan favorite. Funny and smart as hell, he definitely helps solve a lot of the mystery of this book. I couldn't stand Lizzie. Her head was way too far up her own ass. I couldn't believe her and Joie were friends. As I have said, it was a mystery why Joie stayed friends with her. She low balls Joie numerous times throughout the book. Drove me mad! 

     This book was sweet, fun, and action packed. You will not be bored with this one at all. Foolish Games is very memorable and has scenes I know I will remember for a long time. The chemistry between Joie and Hawkins would have set the book on fire if it wasn't a YA which is probably the only disappointment about this book. I love YA books that  aren't annoying and this wasn't. But as I said before, I would have loved for this book to be for adults. All it needed was a good sex scene and I would have been set. You know you were thinking it too, don't deny it. Nonetheless, Foolish Games is a gem. I loved it so much, I will read it again. So put whatever doubts you have aside and check this book out right now. 


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  2. This sounds so fun, a sweet book with a hot romance and a murder mystery. I definitley want to read this based on your review. Thanks for the recommend. I have my sign up sheet posted for the read along, I hope you will consider joining. I wouldn't want to do a read along without one of my fav bloggers. Just hope your computer is being nicer.


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