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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kiss Me, I'm Irish Read-A-Long #2: Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles #1) by Kevin Hearne

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Welcome to Week 2 of Kiss Me, I'm Irish Read-A-Long featuring Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles #1) by Kevin Hearne. There is still time to sign on for this awesome discussion, so be sure to visit the sign up page below the picture. This book is awesome in case you were wondering. So come on and join us.

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Chapters 6-10:

1. In Chapter 6, Atticus goes hunting with Oberon and Flidais. What was supposed to be a fun hunting trip turned rather disastrous. Were you expecting something like this to happen or did it catch you by surprise? Have you ever had something that should have been fun turn disastrous or nearly disastrous?
I was surprised by how awful it turned out to be. I had a feeling something would happen just by the way Atticus was acting and how he didn't feel right. But that was bad, I felt so sorry for Oberon when it was all over. I was so scared for him. I don't know if I have had anything too disastrous and if I did, I buried it deep in the recesses of my mind. I am serious, I am a huge klutz and know I may have done something stupid. But I honestly can't remember.

2. We are only briefly introduced to the witches (or, a witch) in chapter 7. What are your first impressions? How much would you trust the witches? Why?
They scare the crap out of me. The way Atticus describes them, they dress up pretty to not look like how we usually see them, but he makes sure to stay on their good side. They sound like Faeries. Pretty, but scary as hell. I would not trust them especially due to Atticus weakness. Since they sound scary and merciless. I hope Atticus remembers that can be used against him.

3. Oberon says, “With dogs you just go up and smell their asses and you know where you stand. It’s so much easier. Why can’t humans do that?” Do you ever wish there was an easier way to find out where you stand with someone (besides Oberon’s suggestion, of course)? In what cases would it be easier or better to hide your true feelings?
I do wish there was an easier to know where I stood with someone. Although if it were as easy as sniffing a butt, I might give it a go LOL! Kidding, maybe just mind-reading, that would make a world of a difference. Good time to let your feelings known is maybe when a friend might do something stupid and you need to be honest with them before they regret it.
4. Chapter 9 makes Atticus’ life much more difficult: the witches are in some way working with Aeghus Og, Bres comes after Atticus, and more trouble appears at the end of the chapter. Have you made sense of what has happened thus far? Any predictions for what might happen?

Anything can happen to Atticus. He obviously can't catch a break. I haven't made sense of it so far. But Atticus definitely can't trust a soul except for Oberon. I know it will get worse for sure, but I am dying to get to the root of it all. To hold a grudge this long takes a lot of energy. I am so invested in this. So amazing!

5. Atticus has had plenty of time to cultivate attitudes and ethics that would allow him to live a very long time. What do you think it is about Atticus that has allowed him to live for as long as he has?
He is very smart. He seems to be a step ahead of the game and it works in his advantage, but just barely. He does escape a lot by the skin of his teeth. Not to mention he adapts to the situation. He has lived this long on Earth and knows what century he is in. When he talks to the gods or something, they seem completely oblivious to the language and how people act or talk. I think this helps him a lot, he blends into our world and knows how it works.

Make sure to check out Smash Attack Reads next Friday. See you guys there!


  1. Poor Oberon. I felt so bad for him. Sweet thing.

  2. This book is so much fun isn't it. I love Attticus snd Oberon and they just keep getting deeper into trouble.
    I hope you don't resort to butt sniffing, but mind reading would be scary too. I agree the witches are bad news, he needs to think with his head and trust no one except Oberon.

  3. I felt REALLY bad for Oberon when it was all over. He's such a mostly innocent creature and he shouldn't be punished because of Flidias. I didn't like her very much.

    Right?! Who knows about the butt sniffing! LOL! ;)

  4. Anything can happen to Atticus. He obviously can't catch a break. ...

    LOL but it wouldn't be as much fun to read if he stayed out of trouble. However, he really can't catch a break. I am going to have fun watching him get out of trouble though...


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