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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Indie Book Review: A Ripple in Time-Angel of the Titanic (The Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1) by Julia Hughes

Author: Julia Hughes
Series: The Celtic Cousins' Adventures
Number in Series: 1
Format: DOC
Pages: 249
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: July 12, 2011
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Historical/Science Fiction

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 Synopsis from Goodreads

Wren’s dream changed the course of history. To regain his world he must travel back one hundred years. This time, the “Angel of the Titanic” must ensure the ship of dreams fulfils her destiny. And he’s willing to sacrifice everything.

A young woman experiences nightmares of a terrifying collision; a collision with a mountain of ice that dwarves even the magnificent ship taking her across the Atlantic; the Titanic. These visions are so realistic, Carina demands that extra vigilance is taken especially on the night of April 14th. Captain Smith and his crew are convinced by the youngster’s vivid descriptions and steadfast belief that she has seen the future; consequently the disaster is averted and Titanic steams safely into New York harbour, with devastating consequences.

Eventually realising that the alternative world he has woken up to has been caused by a ripple in time, Wren learns he must somehow travel back one hundred years, to the year 1912 and ensure the ship of dreams fulfils her destiny.
Helping him with this quest is Carrie, a descendent of Carina, and Wren’s hedonistic cousin Rhyllann.
Once on board the great ship as the tragedy begins to unfold Wren is faced with unthinkable choices: In order to restore the world to this timeline, and save his own life, hundreds of innocent women and children must perish.
    A Ripple in Time is about a young man named Wren who is quite the dreamer. You see, his dreams have changed history entirely. All of which start with tragedy of the Titanic sinking. Problem is, it didn't sink and that has caused a ripple in time. So it is up to Wren to find a way to travel back in time and make sure the Titanic runs its course properly. With the help of a powerful sword (Excalibur), his cousin and a girl named Carrie, they will fight to make sure history is corrected and stop whoever gets in their way. 

     I got this book months ago from Hughes and only got into a couple of months back. Man, my life can't be simple can it? I finished this a while ago though, but I thought with the anniversary coming up, why not post this review then? I was given this a while back by Julia Hughes and it took forever for me to get to it. I really need to change my reading habits. Still when I finally started this, I couldn't put it down. It is fun, unique, and adventurous. 

     I loved our characters. We have Wren who truly is a "time lord". I know Wren is a blond, but I couldn't help picturing a younger David Tenant when reading this (best Doctor ever, I dare you to disagree). Wren is super smart and has an odd sense of humor. There were times in the book when you weren't sure you should trust him because he was quite impulsive. But it made him more interesting. I really enjoyed Carrie. I love that she finally came around. Carrie's granny could see Wren's "ghost" and Carrie just thought she was nuts. But I was so happy she put her doubts aside and she was very courageous. Rhyllann (love that name by the way) was so pigheaded. It took him forever to get onboard, but you do root for him. He is the one who must help because Caliburn (Excalibir) responds to him. 

     I love this story. It is a great mixture nonfiction and fiction. Hughes did a great job balancing those out. I love how the story progresses. It does start of a little slow because you are trying to grasp the full extent of the situation. It is quite in depth. Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. It goes through a lot of adventures and mystery. I love the idea of time getting screwed up because of what happened, well didn't happen, with the Titanic. Going back and time and trying to make sure the tragedy takes place or else our future (well our present) is doomed. This is why I love sci-fi. This truly would make an awesome movie or tv show. If you are a Doctor Who fan like me, you will be drooling all over this. Just a blast.

    I highly recommend this read to everyone. It was such a fun read. It definitely took me by surprise. And I know how iffy some can get about time travel, so I am glad to say this won't confuse you. You will love all the characters instantly and you will dive right into to this story. If you are looking for a romantic, adventurous, and original read, this is your book.


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  1. Oh, this sounds like a really neat take on the titanic! I like the sounds of it. And so glad to see you enjoyed the story and characters so much. :) Thank you!


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