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Friday, April 13, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Rhiannon Frater!!!

Please give a warm welcome to Rhiannon Frater! Frater is an incredible horror author with incredible books under her belt. She has been nice enough to visit us today and have a giveaway for you guys. Frater will be giving away Siege, the latest addition to her award-winning series, As the World Dies. So please join us and find out how you can win!

OBVB: Hello Rhiannon. Welcome to Offbeat Vagabond. To get the ball rolling, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
RF: I’m a full-time author who started out self-publishing and ended up with a three book contract with Tor.  I live in Austin, TX with my husband and furry children (aka pets).  I love writing about scary things.

    OBVB: When did you first start writing? How did you discover your love for zombies and vampires?

RF: I started writing as soon as I learned to write.  I have always been a storyteller, so I guess it just comes naturally.  I was a big wimp when I was growing up and was terrified of monsters.  Strangely, I think that is why I started writing about them.  It was a way to contain my fear.
Vampires were the boogeymen of my childhood.  Zombies were something I discovered in my teens.  I’m terrified of both monsters, so I guess that is why I write about them.

      OBVB: Any authors that inspired? Who are your favorites?
RF: I was heavily inspired by Bram Stoker, Charlotte Brontë, and Victoria Holt.  I just loved gothic horror and romance when I was growing up.  I was also a big fan of Agatha Christie.  I really didn’t get into horror until I was in my teens.  Early Stephen King works remain some of my favorites.  The Shining and Salem’s Lot made me sleep with the lights on.

      OBVB: Your As the World Dies trilogy is so very successful. It has won the Dead Letter Award two years in a row and went from being self-published to being bought by Tor. There is also talk of it being a tv show. How is like seeing it grow to what it is now? What has been the most exciting thing about the success?

RF: I’m still stunned at how the story caught on from its original inception as an online serial to being published by Tor.  It’s just been an incredible ride.  I remember when it became success as a self-published work and I felt very excited about that accomplishment.  When it was optioned for a possible TV show and then picked up by Tor, I was in shock.  It was difficult to believe that a story I wrote on a lark ended up so successful.
I think the most exciting thing about the success is hearing from fans who love the story and finally being able to write full-time.

    OBVB: What drew you to the world of horror? Do you remember the first horror novel you read?

RF: I was terrified of monsters and the things that go bump in the night.  To contain my fear and face it, I began to embrace the things I feared.  The first horror novel I read was Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was so amazingly beautiful and well-written that I fell completely in love with the genre. 

      OBVB: If you can be any paranormal creature, what would it be and why?

RF: I honestly don’t know.  Uhm…maybe some sort of witch or sorceress.  I would love to fly and throw spells around. 

    OBVB: Pretty When She Kills is your next book to be released, yes? May you tell us what the book will be about?

RF: Pretty When She Kills may be about before Siege, the last book in the As The World Dies trilogy, but I’m not sure. We’ll see.  Pretty When She Kills is the sequel to Pretty When She Dies, my modern day vampire tale that also has necromancers, zombies, and witches.  The first book established the world and the main characters.  The second book is where it all goes wrong.  It’s a pretty intense novel.  I love horror.  It allows me to go to very dark places.

      OBVB: Out of all of your books, which one was the scariest to write?

RF: The As The World Dies books gave me really bad zombie nightmares.  I woke up with my heart pounding more than once.  But I also dreamed the opening to Pretty When She Dies and that was terrifying.  Clawing my way out of a grave in a forest was horrifying.

      OBVB: When you are not too busy writing, what do you do in your spare time?

RF: I love to shop with my best friend, play video games, watch movies, read, hang out with friends, go to the goth club, and spend time with my husband.  I’m pretty boring.

      OBVB: Any books you are impatiently waiting for? Who are you reading right now?

RF: I’m anxiously awaiting the final book in the Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre. I’m dying for it.  Just dying.
I just finished Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn, an indie author.  That book was so freaking amazing. It blew me away.  I’m still thinking about it two weeks later.

      OBVB: Since As the World Dies is being optioned as a tv show, have you given any thought to which actors  you would like to see play your characters?

RF: I get asked this a lot, so I had to think about. Kristanna Loken would be awesome as Katie.  I wish we could have Helen Mirren as Nerit (but she’s such a huge star).  Kuno Becker would make an awesome Juan.  I could see Ben Browder as Travis.  Odette Annabelle reminds me a lot of Jenni and she’s half Latina like Jenni is. 

      OBVB: Last but not least, since it is the beginning of the year, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any and how are they working out so far?

RF: I honestly haven’t made any yet!  I guess I should write some down soon.  I do have a few goals for this year.  I had some health issues the last two years and I’m trying to be healthier.  I am also trying to finish the next book in two different series.  The fans are clamoring for The Rise of the Vampire Bride, book three in the gothic horror Vampire Bride series, and Pretty When She Kills, book two in the Pretty series.  I also hope to continue to promote my zombie series and build up my readership.

      OBVB: Thank you so much for visiting my corner of the web, hope to have you back soon.

RF: Thank you for the interview.  It was fun!


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