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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Movie Review: The Devil Inside (2012)

Synopsis from IMDB

In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism. 

     The Devil Inside follows a woman named Isabella (Fernanda Andrade) who wants to find out what is wrong with her mother. Her mother Maria (Suzan Crowley) has been sent to an asylum in Italy because she was said to be possessed. While an exorcism was being performed on her, Maria killed three people. So Isabella wants to get to the bottom of it since she is not sure she believes in this type of thing. But will do what she can for her mom and to see if it is hereditary. She finds two priests that are willing to help even though they are working against the Church's wishes.

     Being a fan of horror films is tough. I grew up with them. They play a big part in my childhood and I still love them. Problem is, horror has been treated badly. For a horror film to work, it doesn't need truck loads of blood and gore or just some mad person with an ax. It needs suspense, depth, atmosphere. Unfortunately, like many horror films today, The Devil Inside didn't have any of that. This movie had the chance to be interesting and add a little soul, but didn't rise to the occasion until the last 15 minutes.

     I am not sure what to make of the characters because I didn't get a true feel of any of them. Isabella is scared about her future; whether she will be possessed or not. We find that she had an abortion and that is something the Church frowns upon. Then we have the priest that help her. Father David (Evan Helmuth) loves the Church and doesn't want to act against their wishes. You see that it truly means the world to him. And then there was his apprentice, Father Ben (Simon Quarterman). He pushes Father David to help Isabella. We also get a tiny, one line glimpse into his past. There was something in his past concerning his uncle. Something that made him want to become a priest at the age of 14. But does the movie tell us what happened? Of course not!

     The plot is pretty simple; just show the proof and exorcise the devil. The movie has a few disturbing displays of possession which were the only entertaining parts of the movie. I won't lie, I was freaked out for sure. Like I mentioned, the last 15 minutes I found the most intriguing. They did something a little different in the final stretch. The very end though was horrible. It just stops. I expect films like this to stop like that, but it was more dreadful given that I didn't learn shit. Instead, they decided to insult us by ending the movie advertising to go to the website to find out more. Really? Advertisement?!

       Overall, avoid this movie. We don't learn anything about any of the characters, who they are, where the came from, nothing. They had the opportunity to give us something, but I guess they thought they were being mysterious. Instead, they pissed me off. We have seen the chick crawling up the walls like a spider with contorted limbs many times before. What else do you have to show me? Nothing apparently. The Devil Inside is pretty much a cut and paste job of other exorcism films and it doesn't even have the audacity to copy the good stuff.



  1. Wow! It's that bad ha? LOL I think this is the first time I have ever seen you give one lonely star. Great review hon!
    DeAnna S.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the warning, I guess it was just hyped up and here I was thinking this was a great movie. It reminds me of that other bad horror movie, Last Exorcism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Di! We usually think alike when it comes to movies.


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