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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winner of the Seeking A Scribe Giveaway!!!

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Big congratulations to my good blogger friend, Kat McCarthy (@Smitten With Bad Boy Heroes)! You have won a copy of Seeking A Scribe by Marsha A. Moore. I have sent you an email, please respond within 3 days to confirm your email address so Marsha can get the book out to you pronto. Thanks a million to all who have participated. You guys have been amazing and I hope you all start reading the book. It is truly a great read and I am dying for the sequel. Huge thanks to Marsha for dropping by. It was great having you. I hope to do it again. Thank you all so much again and congratulations again Kat!


  1. Thanks so much to you Marsha for the giveaway!! i really appreciate it!! You rock! and to you Diana as well for the great interview!

  2. Big congrats to you, Smitten! And warm thanks to everyone who participated, most of all Diana for hosting this fun event. I had a great time!


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