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Thursday, May 3, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #1: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Blurb from BookWhore

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the first week of this months Book Whore Book Club! If you need any help please feel free to contact me or my partner Cameron from What the Cat Read, she runs Book Whore Book Club side by side with me. Just a quick note if you have any questions for the author you can just ask in your discussion response. I hope everyone had fun reading!

The Schedule
May 3rd Preface-3
May 10th 4-8
May 17th 9-12
May 24th 13-16
May 31st 17-21
June 7th 22-25
June14th 26-29
June 21st 30-33
June 28th 34-37
Review with Linky 29th



1) Introduce yourself and give us one interesting fact about yourself.

Hello, my name is Diana and this is my blog Offbeat Vagabond. I can't think of anything interesting about me actually. I am not boring, just I can't figure out anything. Let's see, I love zombies and I can barely listen to the radio because plenty annoys me.

2) What did you think about the Preface? Do you think it was too harsh, or did you feel it helped give a good idea of what the main character's personality is going to be like?
I love the preface. Definitely a new way of opening a book. I like the main character's in-your-face style. He has quite the outlook on things and people. It helps for me to get a feel of what I am getting into. I definitely get a film noir feel from it. I really love that. This is going to be a lot of fun or there will be tears, not sure which yet.
3) How did you feel reading the vivid description of 9-11, and reading how it effected a family?
That was intense. I remember hearing a bunch of stories about that day. It is amazing how little changes that day made such a gigantic impact. Even though it has been years, it is still tough to read and hear those stories. 
4) What do you remember from 9/11 and the war that follow?
I was in my 9th grade Earth/Science class when it happened. I heard people whispering, but the whispers came from the class clown in the class, so I thought it was an awful joke. Then I heard more during lunch and we watched the live footage in class. It was overwhelming. As for the war, well I don't agree with it. We went in for this event and we are still there fighting for something else. It seems that we seem to find some excuse to stay there **cough** gas **cough**  

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