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Thursday, May 10, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #2: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Hey everyone welcome to another week of discussions. This is run by myself and  Cameron from What the Cat Read.

If you have any questions for the authors please just put them with your answers and I will put them together for Steve Piacente to answer. 

The Schedule
May 3rd Preface-3
May 10th 4-8
May 17th 9-12
May 24th 13-16
May 31st 17-21
June 7th 22-25
June14th 26-29
June 21st 30-33
June 28th 34-37
Review with Linky 29th


Chapters 4-8

1) What are your thoughts regarding Isabel Moss's recount of her husband's death? In particular her attention to details not in the official military report. 

Her attention to detail is scary. There were some things she said that she couldn't have possibly have known. I think she the storyteller. While I don't question there is something fishy about what happened to her husband (when she mentioned the formaldehyde, I knew she was on to something), but her story was definitely embellished and more for attention in my opinion.

2) This week we got a to know Danny's family life a bit. What do you think about Danny?   

Danny is definitely strange. Just the way he is and the way he thinks, I really imagined him to be a bachelor. Just some 40 year old guy not willing to commit to anything but his job. I wouldn't have imagined him as a father of three with a wife. He still almost acts like a teenager when it comes to wife and kids. That entire chapter left me baffled. Just messed up.

3) How about thoughts on Little Robin?  

No way my kid would act out like that. It wouldn't surprise me if he was acting out because of his dad. But yes, discipline him or embarrass him in front of his classmates, whatever works LOL!

4) Any questions you might like to ask the author? 

Yes I do, please tell me your kids don't act like this? LOL! Seriously, nothing quite yet. I am sure I will have something next week. I am definitely more curious about Isabel though.

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