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Thursday, May 17, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #3: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a happy reading week. Here are the answers to the questions from the author some of you asked.

The Schedule
May 3rd Preface-3
May 10th 4-8
May 17th 9-12
May 24th 13-16
May 31st 17-21
June 7th 22-25
June14th 26-29
June 21st 30-33
June 28th 34-37
Review with Linky 29th


Chapters 9-12

1) What did you think of Danny's humble description of himself?

I liked his description. He knows what he is and knows his effect on people. It made me respect him because at least he isn't delusional like some guys are.

2) What do you think about Bella the obvious physical contact Bella keeps making with Danny?

This makes me trust her even less. Some widow you are. Your husband is dead, you suspect it was murder, and you are rubbing knees with the guy trying to help you? She is definitely manipulative and uses her "assets" in her favor. I don't know what game she is playing at, but I don't feel this is 100% for her dead husband.

3) Do you think Danny is going to be capable of remaining objective towards Bella while working on the story about her husband?

Absolutely not. He has already thought it all out in the first place. He has got to be the world's worst husband. Like I said last week, he doesn't treat Ellie like his other half, just his other. Bella knows how she is and she is exploiting that to her best advantage and Danny is falling right in.  

4) My favorite time in Book Club!! Celeb Match up!!! Leave names of which celebrity actors you picture to be Bella and Danny. You can leave picture links or just the names. 

Oh I love these. Well for me, I imagine Bella as a real Italian, so I see Monica Belluci as Isabel. She is absolutely stunning and always plays a smart woman who goes after what she wants. She is my perfect choice.

I see Michael Gladis as Danny. When I first imagined him, I thought of someone who can pull off the noir look and who wasn't supermodel good-looking, but still attractive. I think Michael is perfect for that. He use to play Paul on Mad Men

5) Do you have any questions for the author this week?

Do you play Tennis? You seem to know a lot about it. Was there an aspiration to play it on a professional level? 

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