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Thursday, May 24, 2012

BookWhore Book Club Week #4: Bella by Steve Piacente

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Welcome to week 4 of the BookWhore Book Club. It is not too late to join. This is quite the read. Happy reading everyone. Let's do this!

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Chapters 13-16

1) What did you think about the news Danny's wife gives to him?

I wasn't surprised to be honest. I just had a feeling. I know that is weird. But like I have been saying, they are so disconnected. I am surprised it wasn't brought up sooner. And what was worse was what happened afterward.

2) In chapter 14 Danny compares marriage as a journey/race through the woods. What are your thoughts on this "journey"? Do you think that the best years are the ones early on or the ones yet to come?

I really liked that analogy. It is quite accurate. I think he did a good job with that. The second question is a good one, but I think that depends on much the two are willing to do and work for. Then again, I have never been in a relationship, so I don't have the greatest take on this.

3) Anyone else a bit thrown by Danny's reaction when his wife confesses that she's been with someone else? Especially given his thoughts towards Bella?

This was the first time I felt like he truly had feelings for his wife because he was genuinely shocked then mad. But then he threw that out the window afterward when he ran to Bella. I think he was looking for a window and it blasted right open without him having to open his mouth. I do give him credit for actually thinking it through first, but he still didn't care.

4) What was your reaction to Bella kicking Danny out in the middle of the night after they "made love"?

I think this shows she has some depth. I think she used her "assets" to get what she wanted, but couldn't handle the ending result. I think what happened between them showed that she is not over her husband yet. She still thinks about him and I believe it was through guilt. How much guilt, I can' t be sure since she did invite him in the first place. I still don't trust her, but I believe she has a lot of issues and secrets that need to come to light. I don't think this was 100% about Danny. The most surprising reaction though was with Danny. He isn't guilty in the least. He is imagining life after divorce, being a stepfather to Bella daughter. I was like, "Hold up a damn minute!" You are barely a father to your own children and are planning to be a good one to one that isn't even your blood?! I knew he was into her, but this reads more trouble than i thought. I had some respect for Danny, but now this lowered it into near extinction.

5) Any questions for the author this week? 

What Pocketful of Books said. That is a really good question.
"Do you think Danny deserved to be cheated on, considering he seemed to pay so little attention to his family and fantasied about other women? Do you think cheating can ever be justified and, if so, in what circumstances?"

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